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The way people shop has changed drastically thanks to the explosion of ecommerce. The convenience of shopping online is quickly making that the preferred method of purchasing almost anything that you can buy. Everything from your clothing, home furnishings, and even groceries can be ordered online and shipped directly to your doorstep, making it increasingly important for companies to keep up with the growing demand for an excellent online user experience. For this reason, the subject of today’s #WebsiteWednesday has one of today’s most sought after areas of expertise. is the website of esteemed business professional and author Juan José Delgado. With a PhD in Digital Economy and Online Human Behavior, JJ is known to be an expert in digital strategy and has over 12 years of business experience at well-known brands across Europe and Latin America. His impressive resume includes serving as Head of Amazon Marketing Services South Europe up until 2017, where he’s known to have led the biggest international sales day in Amazon history.

JJ has written two books on marketing strategy, including Think Video: Smart Video Marketing & Video Influencing and The New Digital Consumer: The Cube NORISO. He has been a keynote speaker at marketing, corporate, and networking events around the world, covering topics on the new digital ecosystem and customer, digital transformation explained, and leadership skills for the digital era.

JJ now works as the Chief Digital Officer of popular Spanish brewery Hijos de Rivera, and describes his role as “in charge of making the company embrace and manage the current digital disruption.” He is also on the Board of Directors for, a collaborative entrepreneurship program backed by Hijos de Rivera that provides selected startups who have a clear social or environmental impact with training and mentoring by experts, investors, and executives from the company. If that weren’t enough, JJ also shares his expertise as a professor at The London School of Economics, where he teaches classes on topics like Digital Transformation, Leadership Skills for the Digital Era, and the Digital Economy.

As a digital professional, scholar, and professor, JJ puts his trust into .xyz to establish his personal website on a short and memorable domain. If you would like to connect with JJ, then you may want to follow him on LinkedIn at /juanjosedelgado, as he was named one of the top 15 unofficial LinkedIn influencers you should follow in 2018. Also check him out on Instagram and Twitter @realJJDelgado.

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