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As our regular readers probably know, personal websites can be great tools to promote your portfolio of work, attract clients for your freelance business, or share your opinions and expertise. They are also great for documenting milestones and life events so that you can look back on them yourself or share them with family and friends around the world. If you’ve ever considered launching a personal website of your own on which you plan to share your unique life experiences, then be sure to make it the best it can be with some inspiration from this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, chronicles the global adventures of the Colebrook 5, a family from Red Deer Canada who traveled to 21 countries across an 18-month journey. Throughout their trip, the family kept a running blog of their stops and recounted stories of the amazing things they were able to do in each new place. The site’s navigation bar includes a map to follow the family around the world, as well as a countries tab to find what they saw in each amazing new place. Clicking the “About” section will give you an introduction to the family, display their trip itinerary, and explain the Carl Sagan-inspired meaning of

At the outset of both the blog and the Colebrook’s quest, the three children of the family shared which countries they were most eager to visit, what they were excited and nervous about, and what they would and would not miss from home. The posts evolved to become a personal blog which each child kept updated on, serving as a unique teacher for their earliest experiences publishing content on the web.

The family was able to visit many beautiful places and landmarks, and to share that experience they managed an Instagram page, Their handle exactly matches their domain, and promotes their full website’s URL so their Instagram followers know where to visit to get the full experience. You can also view their Instagram photos, along with each post’s comments and likes, directly on the website.

The Colebrooks’ trip covered thousands of miles, dozens of countries, and innumerable unforgettable experiences. impressively covers that ground and serves as an inspiration to anyone looking to launch a personal blog. Chronicle your next big adventure, just like the Colebrook family did, with your own .xyz domain.

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