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Many mission-driven changemakers are establishing their online homes on .xyz domains. is a program designed to connect early-stage tech startups in Africa to mentors and investors worldwide. was founded by young Nigerian lawyer Chude Jideonwo to support better education, develop healthier psychology, and generate impactful social movements in Africa. is American Society for Deaf Children’s new online app designed to help parents communicate with their deaf children. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a nonprofit organization aimed at activating young changemakers: is the online home of nonprofit organization Kindling. The Bellingham, Washington-based organization works to remind the world that humanity is beautiful, with hopes of transforming cynicism and despair into possibility and action within young, potential changemakers. works towards this goal by providing digital resources that offer aspiring change leaders the clarity, skills, knowledge, and connections they need to build a brighter world. These resources include:

  • Archive of Human Genius – a comprehensive database of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, or “Change Milestones,” documenting human progress and moments of genius from past to present.
  • Teal Pages – an online directory of change leaders, organizations, campaigns, products, and resources for a more sustainable, equitable, and prosperous future for all. This database aims to provide a constantly growing map of the global network of change, and connects people around the world to the change efforts most relevant to them.
  • Change 101 (Coming Soon) – a forthcoming online curriculum for aspiring change leaders to gain skills, knowledge, and connections to help them develop and implement change.

Visitors can read the latest collected Change Milestones directly on the homepage. Recent articles collected from across the globe include topics such as an Abu Dhabi start-up that invented a sustainable method of fresh water production and a pledge from home furnishings company Williams-Sonoma, Inc. to plant 6 million trees across the U.S., Brazil, India, and Indonesia. Click over to the Archive of Human Genius to browse the collection of nearly 4,000 earlier social change milestones. You can search through this database using assorted filters such as topics, region, and era. You can also submit a milestone you think they’ve missed. There are 7 eras to choose from:

  • Today (2017 C.E. – ???)
  • Post-modernity (1945 – 2016 C.E.)
  • Modernity (1500 – 1945 C.E.)
  • Post-classical (500 – 1500 C.E.)
  • Civilization (3000 B.C.E. – 500 C.E.)
  • Agriculture (10000 – 3000 B.C.E.)
  • Prehistory (250000 – 10000 B.C.E.)

There are over 100 topics to browse, including clean and renewable energy, immigration, and religion. We selected the current Postmodern era, the year 2015, and the topic of Sustainability. presented an article entitled “U.S. Sets Staggering Record with 191% Growth in Solar Power Installations in 2016,”1 which details the nation’s gradual move away from harmful coal power. was founded in 2016 by writer and non-profit management professional Peter Schulte. Peter received his MBA in Sustainable Systems at Pinchot University, where he launched Kindling as an entrepreneurship project. He is also currently an Engagement Lead for The Pacific Institute, an organization focused on solutions to the world’s most pressing water-related challenges. Peter’s upcoming book, titled Humanity is Beautiful, examines humanity’s limiting stories about itself. We asked Peter about his attraction to .xyz. He explained,

“We chose .xyz because not only was it easy to remember, but had a sense of being relevant, exciting, even a bit futuristic. We love it. It feels fresh.”

We are inspired by the passion that Peter has for the world. and the platform’s valuable resources are a fantastic addition to the mission-driven .xyz community. If you are interested in receiving regular updates from, be sure to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. You can learn more by following the organization on LinkedIn and Twitter @kindlingxyz, and by visiting


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