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In our #WebsiteWednesday a few weeks ago, we featured, a site that got a design makeover in preparation for the New Year. Our #WebsiteWednesday this week is continuing this series by showcasing a rebranding project: how Dekatku Sdn Bhd became


Kern Technology offers services including custom software development, systems integration, enterprise architecture and more. They work with companies like IBM, HP, Deloitte, and Amazon’s AWS to offer their clients access to innovative technology like virtual reality, cloud-based application optimization, and geolocation methods. Kern manages to keep their clients’ cost down by outsourcing projects to developers across the globe.

Many entrepreneurs of #GenXYZ have a brilliant idea but lack the resources to have a dedicated tech-team execute all of the product development. To cater this audience, Dekatku decided to rebrand into Kern Technologies in mid-2016 and needed a short, memorable, available domain name reflecting this change. They chose, which went live in November.

Kern has checked all the boxes to become a force in the IT-outsourcing business with their premium two-letter .xyz: it is short, memorable, aligns with their brand and it even rhymes. We can’t wait to see which exciting new clients our friends at will soon be serving!

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