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2.XYZ、JJ.XYZ、222.XYZ等:1至4字符 .XYZ精品保留域名拍卖会将在1月4日开始!(无保留价)

新年快乐!为了迎接鸡年并庆祝2016年 .xyz与支持者的所有成功(例如XYZ获得备案审批),我们再一次与西部数码合作举办盛大的 .xyz域名拍卖会!

从1月4日起,将会有350个 .xyz精品域名开放给大众竞拍。拍卖会的亮点域名有,, 及。这拍卖会将会有很多从未开放给大众注册的精品域名,也是 .xyz获得工信部批准后举办的第一场拍卖会。全部域名将以无保留价从1元起拍。拍卖的终极亮点是,每一个域名的续费为普通价格。


纯数字 纯字母 数字字母混合
单数字 单拼 两杂
两数字 两字母
三数字 三声母
四数字 三字母

拍卖会的终极域名将会是。这是有始以来第5个将会被拍卖的单字符 .xyz域名。以下为单字符 .xyz域名的销售价格完整列表:

域名 销售价格 日期 $82,000 美元 2015年 9月 $125,000 美元 2015年 11月 $176,000 美元 2015年 12月 $182,000 美元 2016年 3月 ??? 2017年 1月

第一轮拍卖将在1月4日结拍,最后竞拍机会截止至1月13日。所以,锁定这些精品域名来迎接新的一年吧!在竞拍前,请查看我们之前的拍卖结果来了解过去类似的域名拍卖价格。别忘了,所有拍卖会的域名将以无保留价竞拍,并以普价续费。请访问 来看完整的域名列表并开始竞拍。





QQ: 295605448



2.XYZ, JJ.XYZ, 222.XYZ & more: Exclusive 1-4 character .XYZ auction (NO RESERVE) starting January 4!

Happy New Year! In celebration of all the success .xyz and our followers have had in 2016 (like our recent accreditation) and the coming Year of the Rooster, we are happy to announce another partnership with Chengdu West to host this exclusive auction!

Beginning on January 4th, there will be over 350 rare and desirable .xyz domains up for auction. These domains include standouts such as,,, and This is also the first time that many of these domains have ever been made available, and this is also our first auction in China since .xyz became accredited! All auctions have NO RESERVES, and best of all, will renew at standard prices.

There are 10 categories of domains available in this auction:

Numbers only Letters only Numbers & Letters
1N Single syllable 2C
2N 2L
3N 3L – consonants only
4N 3L – consonants & vowels

The final domain in the auction is, which is only the fifth ever single-character .xyz domain to be auctioned. Below is a complete list of 1-character .xyz domains sold:

Domain Sale price Date $82,000 USD September 2015 $125,000 USD November 2015 $176,000 USD December 2015 $182,000 USD March 2016 ??? January 2017

The first auctions close on January 4 and final bidding ends on January 13th, so get ready for the new year by securing these extremely valuable domains! Before you bid, be sure to review our previous auction results to see what similar domains have sold for in the past. Remember – all domains in the auction will be sold at NO RESERVE and will renew for standard fees. US and international bidders can view the full list of available domains and start bidding in English at

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