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Innovative blockchain businesses are embracing .xyz domains and upgrading to domain names that signal growth and diversification. Investment firm Dragonfly upgraded to to signal a global presence and deep technical expertise.  Fintech company Party Round rebranded to with a goal of continuing to help startups raise money with new, additional features that allow those startups to use their capital immediately. Collectible trading card platform Alt upgraded to as they expanded their alternative assets platform to include options for buying, selling, storing, and borrowing against valuable trading cards. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a newly rebranded blockchain-focused company with a focus on connecting web3 developers and organizations to create innovative solutions:

TAIKAI Labs rebrands as is the online home of newly named web3 company LayerX (previously TAIKAI Labs). Before their exciting rebrand, TAIKAI Labs primarily operated the TAIKAI platform, a web3 platform designed specifically for hosting hackathons. TAIKAI platform aims to facilitate collaboration between companies and skilled developers to develop innovative solutions. It provides an environment to help participants to acquire new skills, create projects, and receive incentives. In 2022, acquired Bepro Network Labs and its products, including:

  • Bepro Network – a web3 network platform. Bepro Network is aimed at helping organizations to manage their decentralized development. The network strives to simplify the process of launching multiple development bounties, managing disputes and reward collaboration using smart contracts to handle payments. Web3 bounties are often used to encourage developers to contribute to open-source projects, find and report security vulnerabilities, or build specific features.
  • dappKit –  a decentralized app builder. This free web3 software development kit (SDK) aims to help developers to create web3 products and features, in as little as three lines of code. is designed to embrace this diversification and allow each product to stand on its own.’s Approach to Product Diversification

TAIKAI platform and shared a series of tweets announcing the news of the company’s name change, and included the goal of the rebrand: “This rebrand aims to provide clarity and simplicity for our clients and stakeholders and maintain our focus on delivering specific added value for each of our targets.”

Words from the CEO of

We spoke with CEO and co-founder Mário Alves about, and he explained the company’s inspiration to rebrand on .xyz. “At LayerX, we’re building web3 solutions for organizations and developers. As part of our rebranding, we wanted to host our new website where it would reflect our mission and vision. The .xyz domain is the perfect fit for us. It is a modern, innovative, and versatile domain that is a natural choice for companies operating in the Web3 space. By choosing .xyz, we are not only showing our commitment to the Web3 community, but also embracing it.” We are inspired by innovative businesses like and we look forward to seeing their continued growth. You can learn more by following them on Twitter and LinkedIn, joining the Discord, and visiting

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