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As a global domain extension, we get to see .xyz sites in many different languages created by members of #GenXYZ around the world. Thanks to the power of the internet, anyone with a computer can interact with others in different countries and learn about their unique culture and customs. We recently featured – a site that bridges the language gap through their translator tool. This week our #WebsiteWednesday takes it up a notch by giving you the power to be your own translator:


Nominated for an EMMA (Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards) is a tool that allows you to learn a new language anywhere, anytime via the mobile devices you use every day. offers various services, from short video lessons to interactive mobile games, so you can practice your language skills in the way you’re most comfortable. Thanks to the global connectivity the internet provides, users can even hone their skills with native speakers of the language they are learning via one-on-one practice sessions. Plus, you can map your lessons based on your competencies/learning needs, making a complete language platform.

Leading global mobility organizations like EMMAs presenter Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) aren’t the only ones noticing the innovation of Their free mobile learning app with lessons on over 70 languages was recently awarded “Language App of the Year” in Shortlist Magazine’s Mobile App Awards. With technology that has this much of an impact on linguistics worldwide, these accolades are just the tip of the iceberg for’s language learning services connect cultures every day and exemplify the global nature of .xyz. has joined the power of language with the power of the internet, making #GenXYZ an unstoppable force of innovation worldwide.

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