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Health is the result of a lifestyle. Staying healthy doesn’t only mean staying physically fit, but it also means making sure that your mental happiness is taken into the equation and you live in a healthy environment. Your personal health, the society you live in, and the well being of the planet are all connected. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday shows you how and provides solutions to improve all of these areas –

LivingLifeLab_Home’s definition of health goes beyond just our personal health. They believe that true health is a balance between personal well being, the societies we live in, and the planet that we occupy. Each of these three categories are interrelated and depend on one another to thrive. To reach our full potential, the people at believe that we must shift our lifestyles; working with nature, rather than destroying it. provides several solutions to meet the goal of a healthier and sustainable future. They regularly contribute on with their account “This is Health” and provide useful health and sustainability tips. They also have their Health Coach service, which assesses your health and reveals areas you could improve in.

“We built Living Life Lab on a .xyz domain, because we wanted to be creative. We strongly believe in simplicity and creativity regarding the health challenges in the world. The .xyz domain got our attention because it gave us that simple but creative vibe. We are very happy with it!” – Rosanne Warmerdam, Co-Founder of is seeking to change the world to be a better place for everyone, one individual at a time. For such an ambitious project, it makes sense that they picked a domain extension that not only helps them stand out, but allows them to reach a global audience.

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