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Every artist needs an online portfolio to show off their work and reach potential clients. It’s even better if that portfolio is your Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is a director and VFX supervisor that has worked with some huge names. You better sit down and buckle up, before checking out

timhendri_resize is a 22 year old director based out of Pasadena, CA. He is using his .xyz (which blends perfectly into his name) as an online portfolio to showcase his work in directing and visual effects, short VFX. Tim has directed commercials for the likes of Mountain Dew, Lego, and Mattel. Not only that, but Tim has also directed several music videos, including some for Panic! At the Disco, Steve Aoki, and Flux Pavillion.

His Steve Aoki video was viewed almost 1 million times, received over 10,000 thumbs ups, and was featured on Ultra Music’s 8.5 million subscriber YouTube channel. The “Infinite Handrail Grind ft. Josh Katz” by Mountain Dew was both written and directed by Tim and is one of the popular videos on Mountain Dew’s official YouTube Channel.


“Then it hit me. “” What a dope pun. You can’t tell where my birth name ends and my domain name begins. As someone who spends entirely too much time on the web, this is a perfect metaphor for my existence.” – Tim Hendrix, owner

Tim is another great example of a member of #GenXYZ that is using their .xyz to further their professional career. At only 22, Tim Hendrix has already made waves in the music video and commercial industries with his VFX driven style. If you’re an artist, why not follow Tim’s lead and register a .xyz domain for your portfolio today?

XYZ will launch its AYDACFU campaign tomorrow, targeted at creators and innovators. perfectly embodies this vision of creativity with his website and work.

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