In the ever-evolving world of web3, blockchain-based websites developed on .LOL domains are captivating the decentralized community. XYZ remains committed to supporting the blockchain community and we are thrilled to see web3 pioneers embracing .xyz and XYZ Registry domains, such as .LOL. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to three innovative web3-focused platforms developed on memorable .LOL domains: Bello.LOL, Shift.LOL and Astrolabs.LOL.

Web3 analytics solution Bello.LOL aims to help creators transform blockchain data into actionable insights

Bello.LOLNamecheap customer – (United States)

Bello.LOL is the online home of Bello, a no-code blockchain analytics tool designed for NFT collectors and creators. The platform aims to equip artists and organizations with actionable insights about their collectors, allowing them to harness the vast amount of data on the blockchain through a simple search, enhancing community engagement and growth.


The Bello analytics solution simplifies and enhances the community management experience of web3 creators. Users can discover insights that present opportunities for growth, engagement, and loyalty, helping them strategically connect with their NFT collectors. The platform provides personalized insights tailored specifically to a community’s behavior, which can help creators make well-informed decisions. Bello.LOL aims to facilitate a streamlined approach to collector management, providing filterable lists, industry analytics, and downloadable data. Users can filter based on criteria such as owned NFTs & ERC-20s, wallet age, Twitter handle, and more. The platform’s curated dashboards are designed to deliver valuable insights, including price suggestions, time and day heat maps, and insights into community overlaps. Bello.LOL shares that over 400 web3 brands and creators trust their self-service intelligence tools and templates, including open-source social graph and web3 community management platform

Co-founder Adam Levy is also host of the Mint Podcast1, a series dedicated to documenting the web3 creator landscape. Prior to these ventures, Adam served as the operations manager for Draper Goren Holm, a notable fintech venture studio. Before launching Bello, CTO and co-founder Ellie Farrisi worked with LunarCrush, NBC Universal, Comcast, Lockheed Martin and more. Bello.LOL is in beta as of August 2023, but interested users can follow the website’s Call to Action (CTA) to Schedule Demo, which will also place them on a waitlist. Using an easy-to-understand CTA like Bello.LOL can help expedite the mission of your website. A CTA can provide your visitors with added value and help encourage them to complete an action to unlock that value. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting Bello.LOL.


Multichain NFT marketplace aggregator Shift.LOL aims to help users browse multiple NFT collections at once

Shift.LOLNamecheap customer – (United States)

Shift.LOL is the online home of Shift, a multichain NFT marketplace aggregator. In web3, a marketplace aggregator for NFTs is a platform that consolidates and displays NFT listings from multiple marketplaces, enabling users to search, compare and purchase assets across multiple networks in one location. Shift aggregates NFTs from Ethereum and Arbitrum. Arbitrum, an Ethereum L22, aims to provide cost-effective smart contract solutions.3


Shift compiles listings from various Arbitrum NFT marketplaces, directing users to potentially valuable listings. The platform is geared towards helping users purchase NFTs from different collections in a single transaction, regardless of whether the NFT is priced in ETH or MAGIC, the native token of the Treasure.LOL decentralized gaming ecosystem. This feature simplifies the process for users to “sweep,” or buy multiple NFTs simultaneously. Centered on security and transparency, Shift states on Shift.LOL that it neither retains user funds nor assets but routes them directly to marketplaces. If a listed item becomes unavailable, users will receive an instant refund. 

Shift.LOL secured a branded social media handle with @shiftdotlol on Twitter. This strategy makes them easily discoverable and promotes their website URL right in the handle.  A consistent name across your website and social media can help your audience recognize and remember your brand. Shift.LOL is the product of AstroLabs, an organization that builds and funds Arbitrum-based projects. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter @shiftdotlol and by visiting Shift.LOL.


Blockchain innovator Astrolabs.LOL develops projects built on the Arbitrum blockchain 

Astrolabs.LOLNamecheap customer – (United States)

Astrolabs.LOL is the online home of Astrolabs, a blockchain innovator aiming to build and invest in new projects. As stated on the About Us page, Astrolabs recognizes that all people have the potential to create “the next big thing.” Astrolabs is committed to building projects on the Arbitrum blockchain. As a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain, Arbitrum can amplify the speed of smart contract transactions and help reduce associated costs.


The founder of Astrolabs is “Astro,”4 a project manager and self-described “web3 enthusiast and builder” who began exploring the crypto space in 2020. Astrolabs’ unique projects include the aforementioned NFT marketplace aggregator Shift.LOL, an innovative platform designed to browse the NFT space. Another notable project is Smolpad.LOL, a collective geared towards helping new NFT projects create high-quality experiences for their communities. Smolpad.LOL shares a list of projects in the Arbitrum ecosystem. They update the list with new projects after vetting them, and encourage project founders to submit their projects to be listed. You can learn more about Smolpad.LOL by following the collective on Twitter. Stay up-to-date on each of Astrolabs’ projects by following them on Twitter and visiting Astrolabs.LOL.

The forward-thinking of Bello.LOL, Astrolabs.LOL, and Shift.LOL inspires us, showcasing the innovative spirit of the web3 community within the .LOL & .xyz community.


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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