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AI-focused pioneers are using .xyz domains to help promote the innovations and possibilities of artificial intelligence. Blockchain-focused AI company is dedicated to creating a world where the value of AI is directly returned to its contributors, and where AI can be trusted and understood by everyone. AI platform is focused on helping foster accessibility in the field of artificial intelligence. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to a platform aimed at spotlighting pioneers of new technologies enabled by artificial intelligence: is a media platform that speaks with creators, founders, and more who are shaping the field of artificial intelligence. As plainly stated on their Instagram bio, is “an interview magazine that talks to people who make cool things with AI.” is founded by Benjamin Dehant, a creative in the field of NFTs and virtual reality (VR), and Jonathan Kemper, a technology journalist.

Discovering the intersection of Ethics, AI, and Art: Interviews with Amy Karle and Laodis Menard

Since launching in December 2022, shares two interviews every month, as well as a daily curation of high-quality images made using generative AI tools. The interviews are categorized by Creator and Founder. Check out June 2023’s creator interview with Amy Karle. In this interview, Amy, an artist and futurist, explores the intersection of ethics, AI, and art in shaping our future. Amy’s work combines technology and humanistic elements to stimulate contemplation and foster societal transformation. Her artistic focus lies in the integration of AI and biotechnology, investigating the potential consequences of these advancements on humanity while upholding ethical considerations. 

June’s founder interview is with Laodis Menard, co-founder of Argil, a no-code platform for training AI models. Laodis, a startup enthusiast, is focused on making AI more accessible to non-technical individuals. He discusses the many features of his platform and his goal of fostering AI to help with creative tasks such as interior decoration, photo storyboarding, and generating investment memos.

Experience the latest in generative art: Astropulse’s retro diffusion model showcased on

Visit the Showcases page to see the latest in generative art. In June, featured digital artist Astropulse’s generative pixel art, demonstrating “how his Retro Diffusion model enhances the capabilities of Stable Diffusion to create stunning pixel art, speeding up the process for any game designer.” features a contact form, which can make reaching out easier for potential contributors encourages contact from the community, whether you want to be considered for an interview, or use the platform to promote your project. You can reach out by visiting the  Contact page and filling out the contact form. While there, you can also subscribe to the platform’s newsletter by entering your email address so you won’t miss any new releases. Including contact pages on your website can help improve the user experience by making it simple to get in touch with you.

Words from founder Benjamin Dehant 

We spoke with founder Benjamin Dehant about his decision to develop on .xyz. As he explained,

“Opting for a .xyz domain for our blog, we found it reflected our ethos: exploring the unknown aspects of AI innovations, symbolizing our blog’s coordinates in the digital space, and representing our generational identity as Gen Y and Z. It just has that zeitgeist feel we’re after.”

We are inspired by’s interest in educating the public about AI, giving AI pioneers a platform to share their innovations. You can learn more by following along on Twitter @madebyai_xyz, Instagram, and LinkedIn @madebyai-xyz, and by visiting

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