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Developers in the field of AR/VR are leveraging .xyz domains to unlock the full potential of immersive technologies, pioneering groundbreaking platforms that revolutionize user experiences. Tech company showcases Monocle, their wearable augmented reality device. Poland-based digital marketing agency focuses on the use of interactive, cutting-edge AR and VR technology to connect consumers with products. Browser-based 3D design tool envisions compatibility with AR/VR platforms as the technology evolves. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a software developer showcasing their AR solutions:

Meet LiveRoom Technologies: Conceptualizing, designing, and developing AR solutions tailored to meet specific business needs is the online home of LiveRoom Technologies, a Sri Lanka-based software development company focused on solutions in the innovative fields of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Computer Vision, and Graphics Solutions. LiveRoom offers services in conceptualizing, designing, and developing customized AR solutions for enterprises, striving to create tailored experiences that meet specific business needs. They leverage the power of AR to address a wide range of industry challenges, such as remote training and assistance, faster turnaround time, and effective skill development. By utilizing AR, LiveRoom aims to help businesses turn these challenges into opportunities for enhanced client satisfaction.

  • AR in Retail and E-commerce 

The integration of AR has been recognized for its transformative impact on the retail and e-commerce sector, providing customers with enhanced levels of immersion and personalization. reports successful deployments of AR solutions in various domains, including ceramics, furniture, and fashion accessories. These implementations have reportedly led to increased sales for vendors and improved satisfaction for clients, potentially contributing to the overall growth of the retail and e-commerce industry.

  • AR in Education

LiveRoom recognizes the potential of AR in transforming traditional education methods. By utilizing AR-enabled mobile applications, students can visualize 3D diagrams and images, adding a new dimension to their learning experience. This interactive approach can enhance understanding and inject an element of fun into routine textbook learning. LiveRoom is actively researching advanced AR technologies that can be collaboratively used with traditional educational resources, which may further enrich the learning process.

VR application development and more technological services

LiveRoom provides a variety of technological services, including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The following is included in their menu of available solutions:

  • Virtual Reality (VR)

LiveRoom strives to incorporate 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and VR application development to help businesses create captivating virtual experiences for their customers. By bringing VR to consumers, companies can unlock new opportunities for engagement and immersive storytelling.

  • Computer Vision

LiveRoom’s computer vision solutions aim to help businesses enhance their capabilities in perceiving and making autonomous decisions in an increasingly intelligent and automated world. The LiveRoom team uses 3D imaging, scanning, reconstruction, deep learning, and AI to help businesses digitize their operations and optimize processes.

  • Graphics Solutions

LiveRoom offers various aspects of computer graphics, encompassing rendering engine development, shader development, ray tracing, and other intricate areas within the field. Their work extends to applications in computer games and scientific visualizations, showcasing their focus and capabilities in these challenging domains.

Innovative projects from Fashion88 shares some examples of past projects, including their work for fashion tech company Fashion881. LiveRoom worked with Fashion88 to develop an innovative solution that addresses the challenge of fulfilling client expectations in the online fashion industry. By incorporating the “Next Generation Virtual Fitting Room” platform into Fashion 88’s e-commerce solution, customers are now provided with a realistic and engaging experience that simulates the physical shopping journey. Users can create virtual avatars, accurately dressed with different outfits, and receive information about the comfort level of the clothing based on their body measurements. The solution also incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance body shape accuracy and provide valuable insights for retailers and clothing manufacturers.

Meet CEO Achala Weerasooriya, experienced software engineer

In June 2022, Achala Weerasooriya transitioned from the role of COO to assume the position of CEO within LiveRoom Technologies. Achala boasts over 10 years in the field of software engineering. His previous experiences include Director of Growth for creative agency Vaag Media and co-founder of Innovera, a Human Resources solutions company. We are inspired by the forward-thinking demonstrated by Achala and his team, and look forward to continued advancements in AR, VR, computer vision, and graphics solutions. You can learn more by following the company on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and visiting



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