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Web3 businesses are harnessing .xyz domains to debut innovative crypto wallet and digital asset management solutions. Crypto wallet security solution aims to help identify and prevent fraud before it happens. Tech startup features a social wallet that incorporates web3 messaging. Crypto wallet aims to make it easier for users to buy, store, and spend their cryptocurrency in the real world. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a startup focused on simplifying the process of handling a wide range of digital assets:

Introducing Aiming to simplify web3 wallet management is the online home of Narval, a French-based startup dedicated to the development of innovative solutions for web3 wallet management. The company concentrates on simplifying the process of handling a wide range of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Narval’s primary offering is a granular policy engine, designed to integrate into diverse key storage and custody models, enabling organizations to exercise precise control over their digital assets. In July 2023, Narval raised $4M, led by BlockTower VC.1

The startup aims to address the complexities of the constantly evolving digital landscape. With an emphasis on enhancing security and governance, Narval aims to provide organizations with the tools and infrastructure needed to navigate the challenges posed by decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs. By offering a versatile platform equipped with a granular policy engine, Narval seeks to empower businesses to dictate who can perform specific actions with their digital assets, ensuring a robust and controlled approach to web3 asset management.

Narval aims to empower organizations in web3

Narval’s mission, as highlighted on its LinkedIn profile and X (Twitter) bio, involves empowering organizations to securely use digital assets on-chain and interact in the web3 world. Their platform offers a range of features designed to cater to various stakeholders:

  • Brands: Foster the creation of internal team wallets and facilitate agencies in running NFT drops using your wallets.
  • Funds: Access various aspects of web3, DeFi, and NFT-Fi, including the ability to delegate governance votes, all through a single platform.
  • Developers: Operate wallets with an API, allowing for the integration of custodial, multi-party computation (MPC), and smart wallets within a unified interface.

The Narval Armory Platform

Narval provides a set of tools under its Narval Armory Platform that are designed to manage complex assets in modern organizations:

  • Flexible custody model: Choose your preferred custody model, whether it’s MPC, self-custody, or smart wallets. Narval helps you generate new wallets through their platform or partners, or you can bring your own keys and custody.
  • Web3 policy engine: Narval’s policy engine is designed to help organizations create complex rules for on-chain interactions, message signing, and asset transfers.
  • Multi-chain support: Manage assets and wallets across various major EVM chains, all from a consistent interface with user authentication.
  • Open API: Narval’s platform is built API-first, offering users more control over their workspace and wallets. This can foster custom integrations, automations, and custom user interfaces.
  • Management console: Create, manage, and track all wallets and counterparties securely. Assign team members to these wallets, facilitating the secure operation of assets.
  • Wallet client: Engage with web3 through a browser-based wallet client, connecting to any dApp.

Narval’s strategic use of .xyz domain for global reach

Narval’s selection of a .xyz domain underscores its strategy for global accessibility and brand neutrality. .XYZ  is inherently generic and devoid of specific meaning, and exemplifies the company’s dedication to appealing to a worldwide audience. Recognized for its universal and inclusive appeal, .xyz transcends language barriers and cultural nuances. By adopting, the startup establishes a memorable and relatable web address, highlighting its status as an internationally-focused, forward-thinking enterprise. You can learn more about Narval by following along on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn @narval-xyz and by visiting


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