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Security-focused web3 developers are building their online homes on .xyz domains as they explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. Web3 platform is designed to foster a secure metaverse experience with enhanced privacy features. Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet combines a simple interface with security features in an effort to offer a better overall experience for crypto traders. Auditing platform is aimed at keeping your smart contracts bug-free. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative security solution geared towards proactive defense for crypto wallets: is the online home of Blowfish, a firewall technology designed to provide protection to web3 users by detecting and identifying malicious transactions in real-time. Blowfish features an API designed to be user-friendly. The API is geared at helping crypto wallets, such as Solana-based wallet Phantom, protect users from phishing attempts and other fraudulent activities. It provides users with timely alerts and concise information regarding their transactions, aiming to enhance security and increase comprehension of the web3 environment. Blowfish announced a partnership with crypto wallet aimed at enhancing user security and simplifying interactions in the web3 and crypto space. The partnership is intended to integrate Blowfish’s security measures into Timeless Wallet, helping to ensure proactive protection for users during transactions with digital assets. In September 2022, the company shared that they had raised $11.8M in funding. Backed by investment firms including and, the company stated they’d be using the funding to expand their services, with a focus on hiring a team committed to eliminating scams and hacks from web3.

Blowfish co-founder Fabio Berger explains their security solution

On a February 2023 podcast , Blowfish co-founder Fabio Berger explained their security solution in his own words. He stated, “So at its core, what we are building is a suite of APIs for wallets like Phantom where whenever a user of a wallet is visiting a site and it’s asking them to sign something, so it could be a transaction or a message, that wallet can first send it to us and be like, “Hey, is this kosher? Is this doing anything strange, or is this just a vanilla transaction?” And what we are doing under the hood is we’re scanning and simulating that transaction and we are looking to see if there are any patterns that we can recognize from previous scams.”1

Blowfish Protect: A browser extension to enhance transaction security for crypto wallets

Blowfish Protect is a browser extension intended to bolster transaction security for users connecting their crypto wallets to websites. Unlike the Blowfish API, which is designed for wallet companies to integrate into their platforms, this extension is tailored for users without wallets featuring Blowfish technology. It’s compatible with Chrome,2 Brave, Arc, and other Chromium-based browsers. Designed to be swift and user-friendly, the extension boasts features like proactive warnings about potential visits to malicious websites, alerts for potentially risky transactions or messages before signing, and transparent explanations of transaction impacts on wallets. Prior to the extension’s launch, Blowfish’s security was accessible solely through partner wallets integrating it. Blowfish Protect helps users leverage Blowfish’s security technology without necessitating a wallet switch, catering to those wanting enhanced transaction security while retaining their current wallet.

Meet co-founders Oskar Paolini, Kim Persson, and Fabio Berger

The team behind Blowfish brings experience in blockchain and cybersecurity. Co-founder Oskar Paolini previously served as a DevOps Engineer for the exchange infrastructure provider 0x Labs. Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder Kim Persson previously held the position of Senior Software Engineer at 0x Labs. CEO and co-founder Fabio Berger also comes from 0x Labs, where he served as Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager for the Developer Experience team. We are happy to have Blowfish in the .xyz community of innovative and security-focused developers and look forward to more advancements. You can learn more by following @blowfishxyz on Twitter and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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