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EOS.XYZ, 1887.XYZ 等: 3字母及3数字.XYZ 拍卖会将在10月10日开始 -无保留价


从10月11日起,将会有100多个3字母.xyz,4字母.xyz以及4数字.xyz 精品域名开放给大众竞拍-全以无保留价从1元起拍。一些如,,, 以及 将会在拍卖结束(10月18日)有新主人。



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EOS.XYZ, 1887.XYZ & more: LLL.XYZ & NNNN.XYZ auction starts October 10 – NO RESERVES

Happy National Day, China! We hope you enjoyed the occasion with friends and family. But just because the official celebration is over doesn’t mean the celebrating is done. That’s why we have partnered with again to host an exclusive .xyz auction next week.

Starting on October 11th, there will be over 100 highly desirable,, and domains available – all starting at 1RMB and with no reserves. That means great domains like,,, and will all have new owners by the time the last auction closes on October 18th!

The best part of all is that ALL domains in this auction will renew for standard prices – NO premium fees! Check out a full list of the domains up for auction, as well as complete rules, at

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