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我们很高兴地宣布XYZ正式地向中国发展了!如果您还没听到,我们的新任国内业务总监 — 张亚川,将负责所有亚洲的 .xyz业务。这包括获得备案许可,发动新的营销活动以及扩展北京爱克司科技有限公司的团队。





XYZ有了官方QQ账号!XYZ 官方QQ群:295605448。





Beijing XYZ welcomes Mason Zhang to lead XYZ’s Expansion in China

We are very excited to announce that XYZ has officially expanded into China! In case you didn’t hear, Mason Zhang, our newly-hired Director of Business Development in China, will be taking the lead on all things .xyz in Asia. That includes getting .xyz accredited, launching new marketing campaigns, and growing the Beijing XYZ Technology Co. LTD team.

“With .xyz expected to be accredited in China very soon, I wanted to play an integral role in the company’s growth in China,” said Zhang. “I am extremely excited to be Beijing XYZ’s first employee, and I look forward to expanding our operations in China in 2017.”

With our WFOE formed, our Chinese business license obtained, and our office in Beijing now open, we’ve really made a lot of progress in China this year. Not to mention, XYZ is the only foreign registry operator to pass technical testing and receive ICANN’s approval to operate in China!

Are you getting excited yet? Great, because we’ve got some more good news to share! We have once again partnered with Chengdu West to auction off over 100 and domains for NO RESERVE. This auction starts in a few hours, so be sure to visit to bid on these highly desirable domains!

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