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XYZ is home to many Web3 platforms launching their community-focused projects on our versatile domains. Social investing network aims to make crypto investments more transparent. DJ Steve Aoiki’s NFT-driven community presents members with assorted perks like exclusive access to live concerts. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative communication platform aimed to foster chatting between Web3 friends: is a Web3 platform that raised $1 million in funding to launch the public beta of their new Web3 chat platform. The investment was led by Japanese venture capital firm Archetype Ventures, with additional participation from blockchain startup-focused Coinbase Ventures. helps Ethereum Name Service (ENS)  profile holders connect and chat with each other using their .eth names or .xyz domains claimed in ENS. The service is free, and does not require a password. To start chatting, you just need to connect your MetaMask, Coinbase, or WalletConnect crypto wallet.

A unique feature of the chat platform is that there is no need to create a username. You have to be equipped with your own, specifically from ENS. This way, the platform can ensure that your username will always be 100% decentralized. Once your wallet is connected, offers a clean and intuitive user experience. A helpful FAQ is available for answers to common usage questions as well as a bulletin board for important announcements and updates.  You can choose from a growing list of various channels and chat rooms such as “early supporters,” and “suggestions,” to begin chatting with new friends. Like many social networking platforms, there is an inbox for direct messaging capability. If there’s an ENS user you’d like to connect with, you can search for them by their .eth name. You can even attach a Twitter feed to your profile so you can still follow the action while chatting. And since your profile is based on your ENS profile, it automatically populates and showcases your NFTs and POAPs – a feature it has in common with was co-founded by finance professional Alex Slobodnik, who also serves as CEO. As detailed on the homage, Alex registered a .eth name from ENS in the summer of 2021. Slobo.eth became his Web3 identity, yet there was no place to chat as “slobo.eth.” This inspired him to create As Alex explained to us, “.xyz felt new and fresh, just like web3.”

Just as .xyz has developed to help ENS users share what they want to the world, Alex is helping to foster community amongst ENS users. It’s a great match. is still in beta, but you can “enter the chat” now by connecting your wallet. You can learn more by following the platform on Twitter and by visiting

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