You don’t need to have a big team or significant funding behind your idea in order to bring it online and start pulling in users. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that many of our featured .xyz customers have chosen GoDaddy as their registrar. As GoDaddy Chief Brand Officer Cameron Scott explains, “All of our customers have an idea, and they all have initiative. We are there to say, ‘We’re here with you for your first step. We’re here with you for your next step. And we’ve got your back every step of the way.’”

GoDaddy themselves just debuted a new logo, designed to represent the entrepreneurial spirit of their customers. The new “GO logo” replaces the old head logo to represent GoDaddy’s focus on the entrepreneurial spirit their customers have and to serve as a beacon calling them to “go” run with their ideas and dreams. We’re big fans of the new logo and are proud to share in GoDaddy’s mission of helping entrepreneurs pursue their side hustles online.

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Today’s #WebsiteWednesday is a perfect example of the solopreneurs and microbusinesses that GoDaddy is known to serve.

Overframe.xyzGoDaddy customer (Malaysia)

Creating an app seems to be easier now than ever. With services like, you can turn your idea into an app without any prior experience. Once you have an app ready for the market, the next step is to promote it and get live users on board. Having a great, customized video showing what your app can do may be what gets your app to stand out and pull in those all-important users. That’s where you can use this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, is a screen recording tool that goes above and beyond regular screen recorders. Their service uses a customizable overlay which records the video to be exactly the size of some of the most popular phone models on the market. To use, pull up your app in the software you developed it in, then start up’s service. The tool is designed to work right over top of your app development platform. That allows you to record demos of what your app looks like when in use, while keeping the correct proportions to show what it looks like on iPhone, Pixel, iPad, and even Safari.

You could use this tool to give an engaging presentation of what your app looks like at its best and give potential users a deeper vision of how they can use the app themselves. lists popular app design platforms Sketch, Principle, and Adobe XD among the services it is compatible with, making it a versatile tool that can aid designers who use multiple platforms.

The tool is just one of a handful created by developer Gaddafi Rusli. Another of his handy creations is, a service whose purpose is to allow developers to design and use custom icons which can give their projects a more personal touch. These custom icons can be warped, resized, and re-colored, letting the user make icons that better fit with their project’s overall feel. Once a user has created an icon with the service they can easily embed it right in their app or projects by copying the pre-made code from

Gaddafi is a talented developer who thinks like a creator, which allows him to dream up and make useful tools that help other creatives like himself. By using .xyz domains for his projects, he is able to promote these tools to a worldwide audience and help solve problems countless other developers like him may face.

You can try out’s service for yourself by visiting their site, or stay up to date on Gaddafi’s projects by following him on Twitter.

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