The importance of a logo in a company’s brand identity is well known. It’s that one symbol that carries specific information about your business that you wish to portray. It encompasses your brand persona, sector, service and often, intent or vision.

So, how do you create that logo or brand symbol that fulfills every criteria that you aim for?

There are 3 main things to consider before launching into the vital process of logo creation:

Your individual branding and design know-how

A marketing background is helpful. If you’ve explored aspects of brand or product positioning analysis of target audience, this would be valuable knowledge to have. It also matters how familiar you are with the brand and what it stands for.

Your logo creation budget

If you are outsourcing your logo design to an external agency or team, your budget plays a major role in the product that you receive. Logo creation costs can vary greatly and largely depend on the number of iterations that are produced and the experience level of the designer and/or team. The output is directly related to how much you wish to spend and of course, the expertise of the designing company.

Your available time for logo creation

If you’re in a hurry, and likely busy with setting up other branding activities, it’s wiser to outsource your logo design. Usually once a design professional or team has your detailed creative brief, they will submit a few options within a week to ten days. Then it’s just a matter of viewing, tweaking and finalizing.

3 ways to create an effective logo design

1) Do It Yourself

So, you have the time, inclination and ability to make your own logo.

There are a vast number of logo creation tools available online such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Canva. Each tool has its own features and some are more complicated to use than others. Some are so simple that you may simply select, drag and drop design elements rather than creating them from scratch.

But before you begin creating your own logo using a design tool:

  • Understand the brand personality, tone, and its target audiences
  • Identify the sector and what it represents
  • Check out competition, especially the successful brands
  • Choose suitable colors that match the product or service line
  • Know the symbolism behind the colors
  • Find fonts that portray the right message
  • Choose whether you would like a logo, logomark, or both.
  • Check to see if your logo looks as good in colors as it does in a grey scale

Though creating a logo is the cheapest option, it could involve learning new tools and taking some extra time to master certain design skills.

2) Hire a design agency

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional creative agency to make your logo, follow these steps to identify the right one:

  • Write a creative brief that includes information about your brand and business, and highlights all your ideas and expectations about the logo design
  • Decide a budget and express this to all agencies in consideration
  • Share the brief with various agencies and meet with each to answer any queries that they may have
  • Request for logo options from each and see which designs you like best
  • Ask your friends and potential customers for their opinions on your top logo selections. Evaluate the feedback and let the agency know about any desired modifications.

3) Use a crowd-sourcing design platform

The third option to create your logo by utilizing crowd-sourced design platforms. These platforms often host a community of thousands to hundreds of thousands of designers from around the world. You, the logo contest holder, would provide a design brief to the community of designers, who would then compete amongst each other to provide you with hundreds of logo options.

All you need to do is post your brief, select the options that you like, and then make any final changes. You will pay a relatively low fee when compared to a design agency or freelance designers. Two popular crowdsourcing logo design platforms include 99Designs and Design Contest.

Apart from delivering high-quality work at cost-effective prices, this technique will get you quicker results. The other advantage is the time you save in explaining your creative brief to various agencies. You will be required to post a simple, straightforward brief on the websites just once, and you will begin to get logo options almost immediately.

With the internet playing an increasing role in our lives, concepts such as crowd-sourcing design platforms are gaining popularity for the convenience that they offer. Time is limited and emerging technology may allow you to get a stellar logo in an efficient and affordable manner. So, if you have a new logo design requirement or you are thinking about refreshing an old one, a crowdsourcing platform may be able to provide your desired result.

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