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Developers are using .xyz domains to develop landing pages for their innovative solutions. Blockchain-based is an app that develops NFT badges for users to collect and confirm their participation at events. Mobile ordering app is aimed at connecting coffee drinkers with local, independent coffee shops for a convenient, order ahead experience. NFT platform is aimed at providing users with a new tool for generating AI-powered animated avatars. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a social media solution aimed at helping you convert screenshots into captivating visual links for your profile bio: A visual “Link in Bio” solution is the online home of Pager, a social media solution designed to serve as a visual “link in bio” powered by screenshots. “Link in bio” refers to a feature commonly found on social media platforms where users can include a clickable link in their profile or bio section. Social media platforms can impose restrictions on the number of links that can be shared directly within posts and captions. As a workaround, users have been incorporating a single link in their bio which acts as a centralized hub to guide their followers or viewers towards relevant content, including websites, articles, products, and other assorted online destinations. The “link in bio” feature provides a convenient way for users to share and promote specific content by directing their audience to a designated webpage or resource. Pager helps users create personalized online hubs, called “Pagers,” by organizing their screenshot collections. Pager links these screenshots, helping others explore the user’s recent shopping finds, favorite songs, articles of interest, and more. Pager has raised a total of $7.9M in funding over two rounds. Their latest funding was raised on August 1, 2022 from a Seed round.1

Sharing content across social platforms with a personalized profile

Pager offers compatibility with popular social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, helping users share their content across different social profiles that support link integration. The user’s personalized website, such as, helps anyone access and view the Pager content. Presently, creating a Pager requires an iPhone, while Pager acknowledges this limitation and expresses a commitment to future Android device support. The current focus of Pager is to enhance the experience for iPhone users while actively working towards including Android users as the user base expands.

Creating, testing, and customizing Your Pager

Setting up a Pager is a straightforward process that does not require users to have an existing website. For those interested in creating a Pager, you can sign up by selecting the Get Started CTA and provide your name, iPhone number, and social media handle. Upon entering your information, you’ll receive a confirmation text message and an onscreen link inviting you to download TestFlight, an app designed for testing apps in the Beta stage of development. Please note that Pager is currently in development, and by participating, you can help shape its future and explore the possibilities of your screenshot-enhanced link in bio.

For users who already have a link in bio, Pager offers the ability to import your existing links. This feature aims to simplify the integration of Pager into each users’ online presence, empowering them to engage their communities with visually enriched links.

Emphasizing the visual aspect of content sharing

Pager’s approach emphasizes the visual aspect of content sharing, offering an alternative to text-based links. By leveraging a visual format, Pager aims to potentially increase engagement and offer users the ability to present their content in an aesthetically appealing manner. The app provides unlimited storage for screenshots, allowing users to curate their collections without limitations. Additionally, early adopters of Pager can benefit from a free lifetime membership, which may be considered advantageous when considering the app’s features and functionality.

Meet Alex Mahedy, Founder and CEO of Pager

Founder and CEO Alex Mahedy has a background in research and analysis, having previously served as a Research Associate at Sanders Capital LLC. Alex focused on areas such as semiconductor architecture (AI ASICs, CPUs, and GPUs), consumer social media platforms (Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok), and 5G+ Cloud technologies (Microsoft, Qualcomm, Apple).

By offering a user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular social platforms, Alex and his team aim to empower users to maximize the potential of their screenshots in a versatile manner. We look forward to seeing this innovative social media solution develop. You can learn more by following @pagerxyz on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn, and by visiting


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