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Web3 developers are using .xyz and XYZ Registry domains like .Game, .LOL, and .Quest to leverage the latest technologies and unlock the full potential of blockchain technology. NFT artist and game developer Daniil Dolia’s provides Dolia Cat NFT holders access to the Meowverse, a community that incorporates games, a decentralized finance platform, and more. Web3 video platform aims to disrupt the Hollywood studio system of film distribution. Collectible trading card platform Alt upgraded to as they expanded their alternative assets platform to include options for buying, selling, storing, and borrowing. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to an NFT platform aimed at providing users with a new tool for generating AI-powered animated avatars:

Meet, the NFT platform that helps users create collectible NFTs is an NFT-focused social collectibles platform that helps users to create collectible NFTs for their followers, friends, and communities. The platform blends the features of social media with investing and trading platforms. leverages “social game economics” to manage economic concepts like supply and demand, and inflation. The platform has attracted influential content creators like Cyrus Dobre, who has over 10 million followers on TikTok. In December 2022, raised $7.8 million in seed financing led by Dragonfly Capital.1 On March 29, 2023, and leading open-source generative AI company Stability AI announced the launch of Animai, a consumer animation tool powered by Stability AI’s animation technology.2

Introducing Animai,’s animation tool powered by Stability AI’s animation tool Animai is powered by Stability AI’s advanced animation technology, and helps users to create animated avatars with a single photo. Unlike some generative art tools that produce static pictures, Animai introduces animation, which can make it an ideal tool for anyone who seeks to experiment with AI functionality and create vivid animated clips. The user-friendly interface helps make animated generative AI imagery accessible to all users. Those who create more than one Animai will achieve a different result each time, providing them an opportunity to explore the possibilities of AI-generated animation. The Animai feature is available at and is intended to be added to the app.

Using the app to create and trade AI-generated digital assets users can upload animations to the platform’s app and share and trade them among the Revel community. The app allows users to choose personal photos, videos, and from your AI-generated art created within the app to mint as digital assets that you can trade with your friends and followers. When another user collects three of your assets, you can unlock the ability to create more. And when  you successfully collect three assets from another user, you can receive bonus assets each time they create a new series. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Accompanying mobile apps can have a variety of customer-focused features like push notifications, offline access, and the ability to use device-specific features like cameras and GPS. If your customers are on the go and use their mobile devices often, offering a dedicated app can help increase your brand visibility. You can learn more about the benefits of offering dedicated apps in our latest Quarterly Report.
We are inspired by the pioneering platforms like in the .xyz community. We look forward to seeing the platform’s continued growth and development. You can learn more by following along on Twitter and Instagram @revelxyz, joining the Discord, and by visiting


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