A personal website is your place online to share all the things you’re most proud of or passionate about. It’s your own piece of the internet, introducing your work, achievements, experiences, and anything else you want to share to a global audience. But, the portfolio-like nature of a personal website doesn’t require you to follow a cookie-cutter design to fit the status quo. Your website can show your own individuality so that you make a memorable impression on your visitors. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll meet three .xyz adopters whose personal websites are a great inspiration for how to let your personality shine through on your own personal website.

1. Write your website content using your unique voice

If someone asked you to think of one of your favorite public figures, chances are you would likely be able to picture their voice or way of speaking. It may be a famous author known for their poignant prose or a comedian treasured for hilarious one-liners. Either way, the language they use and how they use it helps them stand out as unique.

Your personal voice and way of speaking is an important part of your personal brand. That’s why using it to write the content on your website is a strong way to let your personality show through. For some inspiration on how to nail using your personal voice to write engaging website content, check out

JamieLoftus.xyzeNom / Open SRS customer (United States)

Jamie Loftus is a Los Angeles-based comedian, writer, and animator. Her talents have earned her features in Vulture, The Boston Globe, and Forbes. She’s written for The New Yorker, Paste Magazine, Vice, and popular animated sketch show Robot Chicken. Jamie’s sharp, satirical wit is one of her greatest strengths. She uses this strength to write unique content on her website.

Starting from her home page biography, Jamie writes using various quips while sharing her skills and experience. This helps show visitors other talents while also introducing them to her style of comedy. Jamie uses dedicated pages to promote her podcast, past sketches, cartoons she’s animated, and her stand up comedy. Each of these pages includes a short description of her work, written in her own signature comedic style. Website visitors may even feel like they’re being treated to a mini comedy show just by navigating around Jamie’s website.

Try writing your website copy in your own unique voice to introduce your personality to visitors. This helps make your website’s content more impactful.

2. Show your passion through text and animations

The look and feel of your website play an important role in the overall personality it displays. Using text, animations, and color schemes related to your passions is a great way to showcase what’s important to you. It makes those passions clear to visitors and can deepen their understanding of your work. Our next .xyz adopter,, is a strong example of this idea in practice.

LizzieSiegle.xyzNamecheap customer (United States)

Lizzie Siegle is a developer and evangelist, or as she says, “devangelist” at Twilio. The Bay Area native earned a Computer Science degree after completing a thesis in which she developed two applications using two different coding languages, Django and iOS. Each app used a different form of graphic showing facial expressions. Studies have shown those who have Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC) have trouble recognizing emotional states in these expressions. Lizzie’s goal was to compare how well each app could teach emotions to those with ASC.

It is easy to tell from the very first visit to her personal website that her love for coding is no secret. Lizzie shows her passion for coding directly through her website design by displaying her writing as if it were lines of code. The headline text of her website, which serves as Lizzie’s introduction to visitors, is animated as if it was being typed. She also uses plenty of emojis which help add to the fun, tech-friendly feel.

Try tying the enthusiasm you have for your interests into the text, animations, and color scheme of your website design. It can help engage visitors’ senses, so they connect with what you’re sharing more deeply

3. Use images and animated graphics based on your personal interests

Your interests are intimately tied to your own personal brand. That’s why sharing them through the animated graphics and images on your website can be a great way to introduce yourself to potential collaborators, clients, or fans. To see a good example of this design strategy, check out the portfolio website

SplendifeRachie.xyzFreenom customer (United States) is the online portfolio of singer, student, and YouTuber Rachie. A superfan of anime and Japanese culture, Rachie made her name by sharing vocal covers of Japanese songs to her more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers.

To show how much her interest in the culture means to her, Rachie has centered her website theme around anime characters and illustrations. Both her homepage and About page feature large illustrations of her as an anime character. The primary visual content on her website consists of thumbnails for her videos, which are almost always of anime characters as well. These colorful illustrations help her website viewers enter the world of anime and Japanese culture, where Rachie’s passions lie.

Include your biggest passions into your website imagery to help your visitors engage with and share in them just as you do.

Showing personality in your personal website allows you to connect with your desired audience and share what you love about your work or interests with the world. Your personal website is where you can share your passions. Since it is your own place online, it’s only fitting that it sounds, looks, feels, and says exactly what you want in your own personal style. Follow the example of these three .xyz adopters and infuse your personality into your personal website.

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