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Your e-commerce website is a place where you can highlight the mission of your business and educate your customers. There are no limits to what you can share, including your hopes for improving industries with proper considerations of environmental, social, and economic factors. Many members of the .xyz community promote sustainable practices in their fields. Healthcare platform uses the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to guide their team. International architecture firm approaches every new project with a focus on sustainability, including their low-carbon website design. And designer is working to cultivate an inclusive and sustainable gaming industry. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday uses their e-commerce shop to help spread the word about organic and biodynamic natural wine production: is an e-commerce and delivery service specializing in natural wines, limited release beers, and specialty coffee beans for customers in the Seattle, WA area. Visitors of can enjoy the same feeling they have while shopping at their favorite specialty shop. You can peruse the natural wines by style, region, and distributor, and read product descriptions and suggested food pairings, almost as if you were receiving an in-store personalized overview of the product. describes Meinklang’s Prosa Rosé Frizzante as a lightly sparkling Pinot Noir with a hint of ripeness on the palate that pairs nicely with sushi, while their favorite red wine option, Ampeleia Unilitro, is perfect for pizza night or pasta with tomato-based sauces. You can also select a bottle from their well-curated collections such as Women in Wine, a grouping of wines produced by women winemakers.

Learn about natural winemaking and why deems it so important on the What is Natural Wine? page. The page explains that natural wines are farmed organically, with the least possible use of chemicals or additives. Natural wine is a seasonal agricultural product that reflects the place and conditions where it was grown. Because there may be varying standards for what classifies a wine as natural, the wines available on the website meet specific criteria developed by the shop owners. For a better understanding, customers can review the list of criteria on the same page. highlights the importance that natural winemaking plays in their hopes for a more sustainable wine industry. They express their goal of supporting “those who are working toward making fully natural wines and to tip the needle in favor of more organic and biodynamic wine production, more open wine ingredient publishing, less intervention in the cellar, and farming practices that are both sustainable and equitable.” is a small business that amplifies their mission and beliefs with their e-commerce website. They reflect the unique .xyz in their name on their consistently branded Facebook (@Plants & Animals .XYZ ) and Instagram ( handles, which makes them easier to find in a search and extends their brand recognition. promotes their wine selection by regularly highlighting unique products with colorful imagery and engaging information on these platforms, which can drive traffic back to their website. Learn more about natural winemaking and all of the specialty offerings by visiting

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