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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are one-of-a-kind digital assets that are becoming increasingly popular. More and more NFT-focused creatives are launching their blockchain-based ideas to create, distribute, and invest in this growing crypto phenomenon on .xyz domains. Technology venture capitalist Kevin Rose was recently a guest of entrepreneur Tim Ferriss on his podcast The Random Show, where he discussed the crypto community’s attraction to the .xyz domain.

“The domain handle .xyz was co-opted by just the whole NFT and crypto movement. It just became this thing where all of the dot coms were taken. It seemed too commercial. It was played out. It was old. […]  And for some reason, if you’re Web3, if you’re crypto, if you’re NFTs, just use .xyz. And everyone just latched onto that. So that’s been the thing.” 

Minting platform helps creators mint NFTs embedded with smart contracts. Crypto art curator created a blockchain art gallery. Decentralized Autonomous Organization project developed a platform for members to pool funds for NFT investments. In this this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an informational podcast devoted to the NFT space hosted by Kevin Rose himself: is the online home of Proof, the podcast hosted by Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist Kevin Rose. Kevin created the NFT-themed podcast in March 2021. There are over 30 episodes of the podcast featuring interviews with NFT artists, developers of new tools for NFT creators and collectors, and discussions about NFT marketplaces, blockchain gaming, and the metaverse. Kevin is a partner at Silicon Valley-based True Ventures, a venture capital firm that has invested $2 billion in early stage technology startups, including Peloton, FitBit, and Ring. As he states on’s homepage, BusinessWeek named him one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web,”1 Forbes named him one of “Top 25 Web Celebrities,”2 and Bloomberg named him as a “Top 25 Angel Investor.” As he shares on his LinkedIn page, Kevin’s notable angel investments include Twitter, Square, Foursquare, Nextdoor, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Facebook. Kevin has appeared on multiple talk shows as well as issues of Businessweek and Inc. Magazine. You may notice on his Twitter bio that Kevin displays his personal website as (which redirects to his canonical URL), demonstrating his affinity for .xyz domains. In November, Kevin tweeted about receiving The Worm (a traveling, shareable NFT) from artist Tyler Hobbs, who had received it from Snoop Dogg. Tyler states that he shared it to Kevin for being “one of the biggest supporters of this space.”

Proof listeners can learn about the NFT space, the blockchain technology involved, and the different types of art being made by creators. Recent episodes include in-depth conversations with NFT artists like Berlin-based Alida Sun and Vancouver-based Nicolas Sassoon in which they each discuss their process and how they found their way to the NFT-space. A couple of particularly educational episodes from this past summer feature fellow .xyz community members. An episode in May 2021 features a discussion with the collaborators Priyanka Desai and Aaron Wright. Together they discuss what Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are, how they operate, and how you can join one. An episode in June 2021 features a discussion with co-founder Tyler Ward. Kevin and Tyler dive deep into the formation of the artist-focused NFT platform and its xyzDAO. The feedback on the Reviews page suggests that is “always good,” “super enlightening,” and is a “must listen NFT show.”

We are inspired by the passion that Kevin has for the NFT space and in his interest in sharing that passion with the world. This informational and entertaining podcast about the innovative world of NFTs is a fantastic addition to the forward-thinking .xyz community. If you are interested in receiving regular updates from, be sure to subscribe to Kevin’s newsletter. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter or visit


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