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Blockchain-based services continue to give us some of the most exciting new developments we’ve had in technology. Every day we discover new applications. Uses of blockchain tech range from stock options trading and smart wallet naming to strong email encryption and event participation tracking. You can even link your .xyz domain to your Ethereum wallet and use it as a custom wallet address. Blockchain tech is popping up in all kinds of industries, as well. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday shows that the art world is the latest to join the trend with is an online gallery of rare blockchain-based digital art. Created earlier this year, the gallery exists entirely on the blockchain itself. Cryptocurrency art enthusiasts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn manage the gallery and cultivate its audience. Creators of the works in’s gallery use nonfungible tokens (NFTs) to make their art. An NFT is a special kind of token on the blockchain that represents something unique. Art from the gallery is purchasable through any Ethereum-based marketplace that supports ERC-721, the technical standard for NFTs. The entire artistic process for creators of the works on, from creation to sale, happens on the blockchain.

The gallery itself is named after its specialty of featuring many rare “first edition” works. provides a commission to the artist of any work sold from their collection. In addition to the site, the gallery promotes its collection to art fans and potential buyers through social media. They include the domain name right in their Twitter name so they are promoting the gallery with every post and reply they make. This is a smart tactic, as it helps their website reach more potential site visitors than if they only featured the link in their social media bio. They also send out a newsletter branded with their domain which features rare works, virtual galleries, creator tokens, and more.

The layout of the website resembles a real-life art gallery, embracing minimalist design to keep the focus on the art featured. displays each work along with the artist’s name, the name of the work, and an online handle for the artist. Buyers can sort the works to view only rare pieces as well if they want to purchase something especially unique.

Creativity and innovation are two traits that are abundant in the .xyz community. shows both by pushing the capabilities of blockchain tech-forward. Their blockchain-compatible .xyz domain lets them showcase their tech knowledge on a memorable, perfectly branded website. Join and the many blockchain fans using .xyz domains by registering your own for your latest project or follow our guide to use it as a custom name for your crypto wallet.

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