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One of the most famous marketing campaigns of the digital era is the “There’s an app for that” ad. The phrase might be more accurate in today’s marketing than ever, as companies continue to roll out their new technologies in app form. With so many apps on the market, it’s important to make your app stand out from your competitors to attract users. Today’s #WebsiteWednesday will show you how one team of app developers showed their marketing knowledge and made their tool stand out to customers via its own dedicated website: is a web push notification service that delivers millions of web push notifications per hour for its users. The idea behind the service is to help brands re-engage with their target audience through notifications that appear in the top corner of their customers’ web browsers. The benefit of using a tool like this, says, is that it allows businesses to reach their customers at more targeted times than other contact methods. Major browsers listed as compatible with’s app include Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as Microsoft Edge, and Android-based browsers Opera and Samsung Internet. says their service can work for businesses of any size, and they list step by step installation instructions for how to use the service right on their website.

When creating a website to promote your app, it’s important to detail how potential customers can use your service. accomplishes this through their homepage design, which visitors can scroll through and learn:

  1. What the app does
  2. Why is a valuable tool
  3. How works
  4. Who users can target
  5. Where users can deploy the service
  6. When can benefit its users

It’s helpful to keep this format in mind when you design a website for your app, as it can give potential customers the information they need to sell them on trying your service.

The main page also includes call-to-action (CTA) buttons at three different points. This is a wise design choice because it gives their potential buyers an easy way to get the app once they’re convinced they want to try it. Their dedicated pricing page gives potential customers a breakdown of the full cost of’s service and features another prominent CTA offering a free 1-month trial.

Another unique feature added to their website is a login portal for the app itself. Integrating the app with the website makes a one-stop solution for their customers to use their service. users can also contact the service team via a support page on the site, another feature that can help to improve their customers’ overall experience. even features a blog section, where the company shares best practices on web push notification strategies. The blog also provides updates and tutorials on features.

Right now is a crucial time to focus on reaching your audience via a strong digital presence. is a great example to other app creators of how you can harness the power of a dedicated website to attract customers and build up a user base. Ready to make a website that pulls in users for your app? Launch it on your own perfectly branded .xyz domain.

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