The domain for real estate professionals and small businesses is here! .Rent domains will start rolling out in less than a month, beginning with the trademark holder exclusive Sunrise registration period on August 3.


We’re sure many of the #GenXYZ members are pretty well-versed in the registration periods for new domains at this point. .Rent will be similar – but different – in how it will become available to everyone.

What’s unique about the .Rent launch?

As the new authoritative domain for real estate, we will be running a “Real Estate Landrush,” where professionals and businesses in the industry are specially invited to register .Rent domains before they become available to all.

Phase Open (UTC) Close (UTC) Suggested
Retail Price
Trademark holder exclusive
August 3, 14:00 September 3, 10:00 Varies
Real estate industry specific
September 3, 14:00 September 17, 13:59 Varies
Early Access
Public priority registration
September 17, 14:00 September 24, 13:59 Varies
General Availability September 24, 14:00 $60

Who is .Rent for?

.Rent is for property owners, agents, and businesses who want to grow their marketplace by attracting new clients with a clear, rental-focused domain. With a definitive domain that also doubles up as a call-to-action, real estate professionals can boost their online marketing efforts with domains like:


Going beyond the real estate industry, .Rent domains can even be used to market your other assets:

  • (yup, chicken coop rentals is a business!)

The gist? To get your hands on your .Rent, mark your calendars for:

  • August 3, if you’re a trademark holder
  • September 3, if you’re in the real estate industry
  • September 17, for anyone who wants priority access to secure their .Rent names, at a tiered premium pricing structure
  • September 24, for any individual, real estate professional, small business, corporation, or general enthusiast. This is the day .Rent becomes globally available

To learn more about .Rent, check out the first-ever website on a .Rent domain

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