#GenXYZ, it’s official. We hit the MILLIONTH* .xyz domain mark! As a team, we had to do something big to celebrate this milestone. And what better way to go really BIG, than jumping out of a plane that’s soaring 13,000 feet above the ground?


We know that 1 million is a massive number, but it’s actually pretty difficult to know exactly how big. To help us visualize the magnitude of 1 million, we found this nifty site, aptly titled “A million dots on one page”. All we can say is…wow.

We know, we know, we haven’t revealed what that magic .xyz registration was. Any guesses, #GenXYZ? The official domain name that helped us reach 1 million was (of course, with the help of the 999,999 .xyz domains that came before):

Is that a typo for Google? Nope. It’s the last name of the proud of owner of this domain name. Have you locked down your yet? It just might be still available (and you can make sure by searching for it at

We can’t thank you all enough for your support, and we look forward to hitting the 2 million, 10 million, and 100 million mark with you, #GenXYZ!

*total domains under management in the database

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