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If you are a filmmaker or multimedia creative, a personal website is a key way to showcase your work online exactly how you want to. Your website is an online hub to post your video portfolio and highlight what you have to offer. Potential clients can discover the films and video content you worked on, helping them to assess your skill level and style. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a media maker who effectively organized her own website using a domain to showcase her wide variety of film and video making experience: is the personal website of freelance director, editor and cameraperson Sarah Kuck. A documentarian passionate about climate change, urbanism, and community, Sarah has amassed a substantial list of multimedia content in her career, which she showcases through her digital portfolio. As she explains on her About page, Sarah makes media utilizing digital cameras, computers, pens and watercolors, and has worked on magazines, blogs, documentaries, narrative films, and commercials. Her diverse skillset is displayed in a well-organized manner for potential clients to easily navigate, which can help her to attract projects that align with her expertise.

A visually striking splash page containing a wide variety of footage from Sarah Kuck’s reel is the first thing a visitor sees when loading These vignettes include imagery of human interaction, communities around the world, marvels of nature, product promotion, and even live musical performances. Visitors can gain an immediate understanding of the expansive variety of projects to be found in Sarah’s portfolio as soon as they land on her website.

When it comes to using a splash page, website design professionals often advise not to add any extra “clicks” for the user to get to your primary content. The reasoning behind this is to limit any work the user needs to do in order to get to your website’s primary purpose. However, if visualizing something is the primary purpose of your website, an engaging splash page with an extra click to “Enter” a neatly organized page can be a very effective tool.

Sarah Kuck’s Projects page leads with a “Featured Project,” followed by “Past Projects.” The “Featured Project” showcases Sarah’s most recent project with a video teaser and a descriptive caption. Below that, under “Past Projects,” clients can view more video samples of Sarah’s work. In a caption beneath each video, Sarah provides a description of the project as well as her role in each film (such as director, editor, or cameraperson), so that viewers know which part of the work she was responsible for. Sarah’s featured project is called “Tarcila: Indigenous Solutions to Climate Change From Peru,” a documentary film about Tarcila Rivera Zea, an activist who is working to help her community survive amidst the volatile effects of climate change. From the description below the embedded teaser video, visitors learn that Sarah was the director, editor, and cameraperson for this film. This organization of content gives viewers a clear glimpse of Sarah’s most recent professional work, as well as the different types of project experiences Sarah has accomplished in her career.

The Film Resume page contains further details about Sarah’s professional experience, including an embedded video reel at the top, with 28 of Sarah’s professional credits listed below. The credits are organized into four columns, labeled: Documentary, Narrative, Commercial/Web and Music Video. With Sarah’s organization by column method, potential clients can quickly see the amount of experience that she has in each category. If clients are looking for someone with experience in Commercial/Web projects, they can immediately see that Sarah has completed nine Commercial/Web projects and has held roles as an assistant camera operator, camera operator, set dresser, director of photography, and director. Each column demonstrates Sarah’s varied accomplishments in one convenient and easy-to-read location.

With Sarah’s work cohesively displayed on, website visitors have the opportunity to review her resume of work as well as experience a wide sampling of her completed projects all in one place. This simplified navigation makes it easy for visitors to get a strong sense of Sarah’s abilities and help them consider her for a collaboration.

Sarah is part of the thriving .xyz community of artists, creators, and multi-talented creatives showcasing their varied skills and projects on .xyz websites. Using your .xyz domain to neatly organize your visual projects can encourage your desired audiences to experience your body of work and connect for future work. Interested collaborators are invited to complete their mission by connecting with Sarah through her Contact page. You can also connect with Sarah via Twitter or immerse yourself in more of her professional work on Vimeo.

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