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A website is a vital part of promoting your podcast because you can expand awareness to people all around the world with the ease and simplicity of one memorable domain name. Websites provide a great value to potential audiences by allowing them to easily go online to absorb everything you make available about your podcast. As discoverability for smaller and growing podcasts is sometimes limited to word of mouth, your podcast can always benefit from additional awareness. Look to Twitch co-founder Justin Kan who is using .Quest, one of the latest additions to the XYZ family of domain names, to launch Justin.Quest as the dedicated home for his podcast, The Quest. Like Justin.Quest, your website can help make it easier to have your podcast discovered, serve as an online hub for your growing brand, and even generate revenue.

In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, you’ll learn how the popular Los Angeles-based podcast The Spirit Guide Society serves as another example to follow for building a website to elevate and enhance your podcast: is the online home of The Spirit Guide Society, a podcast produced by the Seven Grand bar group of Los Angeles, CA, and hosted by their “Spirit Guide,” Pedro Shanahan. For nearly a decade, popular global spirit brands have been visiting the bar group (Seven Grand, Caña Rum Bar, Las Perlas) to teach whiskey, rum, tequila, and mezcal enthusiasts about the drinks that they love. The Spirit Guide Society relays that same level of knowledge in podcast form with new episodes every Tuesday and Friday.

So how does a podcast benefit from a well-designed online presence? Here are three advantages to having a website for your podcast like

1. Design a virtual hub

A website for your podcast gives your listeners a place online to become fully immersed in your brand and can help them to share it with their friends with a shorter or more memorable link. As an online virtual hub, your podcast website can include things like the podcast’s backstory and ways to stay in touch with you, including your social media handles, embedded video promos, bonus episodes, candid photos of your hosts and guests, related press clippings, and more. Visitors can strengthen their fandom and increase their brand loyalty as they absorb all of your entertaining content, which can help convert listeners into brand evangelists. With your linked social media accounts centralized on your virtual hub, brand evangelists can easily follow the accounts and share about their favorite episodes and their love of the series. Increased social media engagement from your brand evangelists increases the promotion of your brand.

Spirit Guide Society has created a virtual hub for their intoxicating podcast on Visitors can learn more about the Spirit Guide Society by checking out the video page and their blog. There is a welcoming contact page that invites visitors to send a message, with included social media links for them to follow. And, there is an entire collection of Spirit Guide Society podcast episodes with links for them to listen and share. With so much Spirit Guide Society-related content to absorb, fans can learn more about the podcast and its host Pedro, and can easily hop on social media to share their brand affinity.

2. Expand your discoverability

Having a website for your podcast helps to make it discoverable during online searches. Many people may turn to search engines to help them find their next favorite podcast, just as they do for finding most things. With their exact-match .xyz domain and the content they’ve included on their website, is the top search result for “Spirit Guide Society” (as of May 9, 2021). New and current enthusiasts can more easily discover, which can help them gain more listeners. The podcast focuses on educating enthusiasts about whiskey, rum, tequila, and mezcal, and their website is rich with these keywords in their titles, headings, and body content. is also the top search result for “whiskey rum tequila podcast,” an example of a search one might make when hunting for a podcast like theirs (as of May 9, 2021). The content on the helps liquor enthusiasts discover their podcast online and can help them gain more listeners.

3. Further monetize your podcast

Another benefit of creating a website for your podcast is that it gives you a place to sell your own products and services. Creating an online shop on your website can be an opportunity to make additional revenue and strengthen a special connection with your fans. has an online shop that they use to sell tickets to their live and virtual liquor tastings, which are recorded and posted on their video page. These virtual tasting events include at-home tasting kits containing a flight of liquor that the host and his guests will be discussing. These events offer fans of the podcast the chance to sample the featured spirits and hear about Pedro’s expertise, just as with an in-person tasting. Spirit Guide Society promotes these events on their social media and directs their listeners to for purchase.


Your .xyz domain can help take your podcast to the next level. After all, it’s the place for your fans to gather when they finish the latest episode and are thirsty for more. Demonstrating these three potential advantages of a website for your podcast, has expanded their discoverability with keyword-rich content, monetized their podcast with an online shop, and developed a fandom-strengthening virtual hub loaded with centralized, branded content. is an example to follow for how you can enhance your podcast by building an effective website on your own .xyz domain.

To join the fun of the Spirit Guide Society and enjoy all of their content, connect with them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or head over to

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