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The .xyz community is home to innovative developers reshaping industries. Tech startup is focused on optimized GPS accuracy. Retail technology company is geared towards optimizing product traceability. Financial platform seeks to revolutionize payroll management. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a tech startup focused on transforming the way creatives, artists, and musicians can engage with fans:

Introducing Revolutionizing music commerce is the online home of Single, a music and video commerce platform founded in 2016 and headquartered in Nashville. It provides a suite of music-specific tool sets designed for online stores, enabling artists and labels to manage merchandise and record sales, sales reporting, ticketing, and live-stream concert hosting. The platform aims to support the music industry by facilitating direct sales and fan engagement through innovative technologies, including token-gated commerce. Single caters to a diverse range of clients, including major entities like Live Nation and EMPIRE, and has worked with well-known artists such as Juice WRLD, Travis Scott, and Harry Styles. In July 2022, Single secured investment from leading eCommerce company Shopify, aimed at transforming the way creatives, artists, and musicians can engage with fans through the power of token-gated content.1

Elevating eCommerce with Single’s Shopify app

Single’s Shopify app is designed to enhance eCommerce sites by integrating video, music, and membership options, helping merchants diversify how they connect with and monetize their audience. It aims to foster direct monetization of audio and video content, giving merchants the autonomy to shape the customer experience and foster direct relationships with their fans. The app supports various monetization strategies, including live shopping sessions that encourage viewers to make purchases, content-focused subscriptions for recurring revenue, pay-per-view access to exclusive live streams and on-demand videos, and music sales capabilities with features such as instant gratification tracks, pre-sales, and bundles, complete with automated chart reporting. The app is designed for easy installation and offers a complimentary onboarding session with the team to help merchants effectively utilize its features.

A versatile platform designed for creatives and beyond

The platform offers an assortment of solutions across various sectors, catering not only to musicians but also to labels, merch companies, fitness and coaching professionals, video creators, festivals and events organizers, and nonprofits and organizations. This versatility highlights Single’s commitment to providing comprehensive tools for a wide audience, leveraging the Shopify eCommerce platform to facilitate unique and effective ways to engage with fans, sell products, and host content.

Empowering musicians with bleeding-edge tools

Focusing specifically on musicians, Single offers an array of key features tailored to their unique needs and challenges within the digital landscape. Musicians can utilize Single to sell music, host videos, and launch fan clubs, creating a centralized destination they own and control. The platform enables artists to establish a fan club with recurring payments, offering a flexible monetization model that includes both free and paid tiers. This approach allows musicians to build and nurture their community, converting fans into paying members over time. Additional perks for fans, such as exclusive video content, live streams, free downloads, store discounts, ticket presales, and real-life experiences, enhance the artist-fan connection. Moreover, Single facilitates direct engagement opportunities such as livestream listening parties, where artists can share their new records with fans alongside commentary, and sell or pre-order the release. The platform also enables the sale of digital downloads in various formats, allowing artists to attach liner notes, license agreements, or bonus content, further enriching the fan experience.

Meet CEO and founder Tommy Stalknecht

Founder and CEO Tommy Stalknecht brings a decade of direct-to-consumer (D2C) experience in the music industry, having worked with artists across various career stages. Before establishing Single, Tommy served as Director of Product Development at a Nashville-based web agency, where he developed digital solutions for a wide range of clients, including Lady A, Sam Hunt, Miami Horror, Kenny Rogers, The Ryman, and more. 

.XYZ: A modern domain for a modern platform 

The .xyz domain is synonymous with innovation and bleeding-edge technology, mirroring Single’s commitment to redefining the music industry. By choosing .xyz, Single positions itself as a modern, forward-thinking platform that is prepared to push boundaries for artists and creators globally. You can learn more by following the platform on LinkedIn and X/Twitter @single_xyz, and by visiting


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