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The .xyz community is full of innovative and unique blockchain-based, community-oriented Web3 projects. NFT-focused created a platform for community investing in crypto assets. Blockchain-powered digital publishing platform helps writers connect with audiences and crowdfund their future creative projects. DAO-governed helps you mint NFTs and launch your own community-driven NFT universe. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to an Ethereum-based exploration game centered around customizable NFT characters within a fantastical new community: is the online home of Sipher, a blockchain-focused gaming studio founded by Vietnam-based real estate developer and entrepreneur Tin Nguyen. It is also home to their namesake game built on the Ethereum blockchain. encourages players and investors to acquire NFTs as they navigate their way through the Sipheria, a vast online universe where players can go on missions, join factions, compete in races, make new friends, earn money, and more. The game’s characters are called Siphers, and they are user-designed, limited edition sets of NFT game characters owned by the player who acquires and customizes them. In October 2021, raised $6.8 million in its seed round of funding, co-led by VC firm Arrington XRP Capital.1 In a recent blog post, the VC firm wrote about the unique value of “The significance of a player-owned virtual economy with real-world value cannot be understated. Sipher has designed an intricate gameplay and economic flywheel with a dual token economy to ensure sustainable growth and player adoption.”2

Players of have the unique opportunity to earn financial rewards as they have fun. has its own ERC-20 crypto token known as SIPHER ($SIPHER). This token serves as a transactional currency that can be used to participate in the governance of the game and purchase in-game NFTs such as costumes, accessories, weapons, and more. The blockchain game was designed to allow players to hold full ownership rights over all of their NFTs acquired from the game. These rights are stored using blockchain technology, which ascertains that they cannot be altered or deleted. Players are irrefutable owners of all the NFTs they acquire in Sipheria, which also classifies them as investors. All players and investors can trade their NFTs on the platform’s native marketplace known as the Bazaar, the commerce headquarters in Sipheria, where players can also pick professions and choose from a wide range of goods and services. attracted global attention very quickly. Prior to completing their seed round, released their first NFT collection, known as Sipher Inu, which consisted of 10,000 playable characters for the game. explains the NFTs have been designed with programmable emotions. Each character has five different emotions upon purchase, and more will be unlockable in the future. This collection sold out in less than fifteen minutes at an average cost of 0.4 ETH per NFT3. Hopeful players of the game and other NFT enthusiasts who could not purchase a Sipher Inu raced to NFT marketplace OpenSea to try to buy them in the aftermarket.

We are inspired by the forward-thinking required of Tin Nguyen to develop this innovative gaming experience. Visionary Web3 pioneers like Tin continue to choose .xyz for their blockchain technology innovations. For gaming updates and news of upcoming NFT collections, follow the game on Twitter and visit


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