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Web3-focused developers are using .xyz domains to build innovative platforms geared at empowering creators and disrupting industries. Web3 music platform helps artists disrupt the music industry by releasing songs as NFTs. Publishing platform helps writers distribute and monetize their minted work. Blockchain-based video platform aims to disrupt the film industry by helping creators crowdfund the production of long-form visual content. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a platform designed for user-generated game creation across multiple devices: is the online home of Soba, a web3 platform dedicated to user-generated games. The platform is designed to help creators and influencers build unique multi-player games across various devices. Soba aims to empower more gamers to become creators themselves, and foster an inspiring and inclusive virtual world. The platform is a no-code solution that lets creators visually build games without needing dev experience or complex tools. In June 2022, Soba raised $13.5 million in funding to advance its vision. Investors include venture capital firms Lightspeed Venture Partners and FTX Ventures.1

No-Coding game creation emphasizing accessibility

Soba offers a no-code game creation environment. As detailed on their FAQ section, the platform uses visual scripting tools with a drag-and-drop interface. This utility should help increase accessibility for beginners without a programming background. The website emphasizes that Soba was created so “anyone with a phone and a dream can create a game.”

According to the FAQ, Soba will always be free. It’s currently available on mobile, PC, and Mac, with future plans to expand to other platforms. Soba prioritizes accessibility, offering comprehensive game-creation tools for mobile devices.

Shifting towards web3 and embracing blockchain

As reported in the press, Soba is incorporating blockchain elements and updating features for  web3 users. CEO & co-founder Juha Paananen explained, “We’re incredibly excited to launch Soba to the first group of creators and players. As we spend more time in digital environments, we believe that everyone should be able to make games and define the rules of play. At the same time, we want to enable owners of digital assets, like NFTs, to build new interactive experiences. We’re using web3 to build the most creator-friendly gaming platform and we’re proud to be backed by an amazing group of creators and other investors.”2

Founders Juha Paananen and Florian Odronitz have experience in the gaming industry

Soba is founded by Juha Paananen and Florian Odronitz. Juha previously co-founded Singapore-based gaming startup Nonstop Games, and invested in other gaming companies including Huuuge Games and Futureplay Games. Florian has over 5 years of engineering experience for mobile game developer Wooga. Soba is currently in alpha, and you can learn more by following their YouTube @soba_xyz or  Twitter @Soba_xyz, joining their Discord, or visiting


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