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The .xyz community is home to many skilled professionals using .xyz to highlight their work, writing, and career experiences. Author and researcher Nadia Asparouhova uses to showcase her projects exploring tech’s influence on society. Meta product designer Josh Nelson uses to highlight his career experiences. Writer and book editor Jackson Howard uses to display his writing samples. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a writer and content marketer who shares her work using a memorable “” domain: is the personal website of Allaire Conte, a self described “content marketer, writer, and editor” based in Brooklyn. As she shares on, her writing focuses on real estate, tech, and finance, while her personal writing centers on nature, arts & culture, and food. Allaire earned a BFA in Writing, Literature, & Publishing from Emerson College and a MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University. As the Lead Writer at Orchard, a notable real estate company, Allaire manages the company’s content calendar. Her responsibilities range from content ideation and creation to research and managing a team of freelancers.

Discover Allaire’s data-driven approach and writing philosophy

Allaire’s Philosophy page provides insight to her data-driven approach to content creation. With an “academic’s eye,” she conducts industry and SEO research, investigates trends, and interviews area experts. Her abilities extend to conducting content cluster research, strategy, tracking, and execution. Allaire states that she has the ability to write “for a variety of audiences and brand voices,” and can deliver key messages that make a lasting impression.

Explore Allaire’s work on Market analysis, data reports, and more

Allaire uses to showcase her content marketing and writing skills. You can visit her Content Portfolio page to review her real estate-focused content. Check out the “Market Analysis” section. Allaire shares articles such as “What is a housing market correction and is it happening now?” This piece links to her Orchard blog post,1 which explores the concept of a housing market correction and its potential implications. “When will house prices go down?” links to her blog post2 about the current state of the housing market, which explores the possibility of home prices going down after a period of significant appreciation.

In the “Data Reports” section, you’ll see evidence of Allaire’s research skills. One piece titled “When people search for homes in today’s hottest markets”3 delves into the habits of early bird house hunters. It reveals that many search for homes during their lunch breaks, using digital tools and online real estate resources. “The most competitive ZIP codes in Texas for homebuyers”4 demonstrates Allaire’s analysis of ZIP codes in Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio. These areas each have over 100 single-family home listings. She then analyzed these listings to determine the most competitive ZIP codes in Texas, highlighting areas where homes remained on the market for a week or less.

Allaire uses the “Selected other works” section to highlight miscellaneous writing including a few pieces from her time as a contributing author for real estate platform HomeLight. “Net Zero Homes: Your Guide to the Greenest Housing Option”5 highlights that buildings in the U.S., particularly residential structures, contribute to around 21% of energy usage. 

You can read more of Allaire’s writing by subscribing to her Cake Shark newsletter on publishing platform Substack, where every month she shares essays about her friendships, the home-baked cakes she prepares as birthday gifts, and more.

The power of sharing your CV online like 

Allaire shares on her Bio + Contact page that she is a freelance writer available for hire. She includes a link to her CV, which can help potential collaborators and clients to understand her talent, background, and experience.

Words from Allaire Conte

We spoke with Allaire about her decision to build her personal website on .xyz. As she explained,

“As a marketer, I’m always looking for ways to stand out. The .xyz domain is simple and catchy, and it helps differentiate me from a vast pool of content marketers with websites like mine. It’s also an affordable option and keeps my overhead low. It was a natural choice for my professional website and the .xyz domain has consistently proven itself as a forward-looking and dependable option.”

We are proud to have Allaire in the thriving .xyz community of multi-talented professionals. You can learn more by visiting


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