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To get your brand message across, traditional marketing no longer serves companies the way it used to. Consumers have become overwhelmed by noise from constant promotions, advertisements, and other forms of marketing. As a result, brands both big and small must find innovative ways to reach their audiences and engage with them. This week’s #WebsiteWednesday,, does just that by developing personalized campaigns, helping businesses find the partners they need, and fostering relationships with customers.


The Institute is a branding, marketing and technology consulting agency whose team of experts design national and multinational campaigns for industry-leading clients like Scottrade and DC Comics. Whether they’re originating content to promote the return of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, or reimagining fundraising efforts for Ivy Leagues like Cornell University, The Institute personalizes each marketing initiative to effectively connect with target audiences in innovative new ways.

This creative new take to marketing can be attributed to The Institute’s Managing Partner, Damien Navarro, who is a past recipient of several prestigious honors, including an American Advertising Award (Addy). He’s already imprinted this winning philosophy at The Institute. Earlier this year they were nominated for the ThinkLA IDEA Award’s Boutique Agency of the Year and 2016 Campaign of the Year.

Here’s what Damien had to say about his wildly successful agency and their .xyz domain:

“The Institute was the next iteration of the more traditional digital marketing/advertising agency I had run prior. It was time for a different business model, one that allowed for more flexibility, more creative freedom, and a chance to work more alongside our clients instead of for them…

Being creative, agile, and thinking out of the box is what The Institute team does best and the .xyz domain name falls right in line with the unique and creative lens we view our work and the world through.” – Damien Navarro

The Institute harnesses the power of their .xyz domain to showcase the innovative ways they’ve helped major brands promote their products. Not only is .xyz the creative ending to match their work, but they were able to get the perfect name before the dot: their business. The Institute is one of the many .xyz adopters leading their industry into the future, and we can’t wait to see what kind of cutting-edge campaigns they generate next.

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