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Last month, we wrote about, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) startup accelerator that’s budgeted $175 million to fund new technologies that are making positive impacts on a global scale. Another innovative program the university offers is its Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. And in this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’re highlighting the startup that won an award at the program’s pitch competition for creating an agricultural aerospace technology system:

elio is the website for Brazilian tech startup Elio Tecnologia, which utilises planes, drones, and satellite technology to give farmers intuitive data on their crop fields. Elio’s state-of-the-art system captures photos of an entire field of crops, then renders it as a digital map. Farmers can then check crop health, see potential hazards, and even maintain individual rows of crops right from their tablet. The cutting-edge technology in Elio’s crop management system also analyzes this data in real time to create recommendations for farmers. This helps them generate the highest crop yield, while minimizing the use of resources, to maximize overall profit.

The innovation Elio has brought to the agriculture industry is being recognized not just by MIT, but on a global scale. Challenge Advisory, a global firm that advises governments to promote business development, invited Elio to join their Sustainable Intensification event in Rio de Janeiro in May. Elio presented its mapping technology that is revolutionizing ‘Agri-business’ in Brazil to industry leaders like Monsanto and IBM’s Weather Underground.

Here’s what Luciano da Silveira Araujo, CEO of Elio, had to say about his startup and .xyz domain:

“We are very focused on making state of the art info-imaging for agriculture, and we are passionate about the details and efficiency. We provide data that really matters to the farmers – data that helps the whole agriculture industry be more sustainable.

I chose a .xyz domain because I think .xyz represents a fresh air on the web. I was looking for something new and .xyz has a great relation to our work.”

– Luciano da Silveira Araujo, Creator and CEO of

Elio is a true innovator shaping the future of agriculture, and we’re proud that they share our goal of giving #GenXYZ the best future possible – whether it’s through the food that fuels them or the domain that bring their ideas to life.

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