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Creative expression is known to relieve stress and improve mental health and well-being. However, it’s common for adults who grew up with coloring books and music classes to lose touch with their creative sides. It’s never too late to jump back into an artistic hobby or try out a new one, whether that means knitting a scarf, jamming on the guitar, or doodling in a spare notebook. Sharing what you make online can inspire others and connect you to other like-minded individuals outside of your usual circle. That’s exactly what this week’s #WebsiteWednesday did with her website is the online portfolio of San Francisco artist and healthcare professional Tara L. Chen. As a child, Tara was an avid student of painting, drawing, and Chinese calligraphy. She temporarily set her artistic abilities aside in pursuit of her career as a clinical pharmacist in hematology and oncology. Tara advanced to become the associate director for a pharmaceutical company working on treating many forms of cancer. After graduate school, Tara reconnected with her creative talent and rediscovered her passion for abstract acrylic painting.

Tara created to share her new creative outlet with the rest of the world. The joy Tara gets from art is evident with the .xyz domain name she chose. As the website homepage defines, “ludic” means “showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness.” Her domain name serves as a wonderful representation of her abstract artwork.

The design of is a great example of how to showcase your artwork online. The homepage features a fullscreen image of her painting in a slideshow, so the viewer gets to experience a number of her works immediately. Once you enter the website, you’re taken to her Gallery page, where you’re able to see the entirety of her work.

Summer on Cape Cod. Mixed media piece by Tara L. Chen

Close-up view of top half.

When you click on an image on the Gallery page, you’re able to see more photographs of each painting, along with a title and description. Through the description, you’re able to learn more about Tara and her inspiration for her work. One favorite of ours is a dreamy blue and yellow piece entitled Summer on Cape Cod. In its description, Tara describes fond memories she has growing up going to the vacation spot. Tara says that when she looks at the painting, it is “so evocative of our summers on the cape that I could almost smell the salt in the air.”

Go to to enjoy more of Tara’s works and to gain inspiration from a polished art website. Follow Tara and her work on Instagram with @TheLudicCreative to stay up-to-date with her latest work.

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