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A key approach to attracting potential customers online is to have a standout design for your business website. Creating a website that puts your brand above the competition requires attractive design, memorable messaging, and informative content. utilized innovative design to create a business website that they use to separate themselves from others in their industry. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll highlight five points from their strategy and show you how to apply them to your website. is a copywriting collective from Melbourne, Australia that provides award-winning content writing services to clients around the world. Their mission, as displayed on their website, is to “solve problems through words because we believe real change begins with thoughtful communication.” says they achieve this thanks to their collective team of award-winning writers whose content “goes deeper than copy alone.” The brand lists many notable clients, including Rolling Stone, Harper’s Bazaar, VICE Australia, Virgin, Greenpeace, and Volkswagen.’s website design shows potential customers the heart of their brand while outlining what they do, how they do it, and why they are the right choice. Try these five methods to help your business website stand out from the competition.

  1. Put your brand tagline or mission front and center on your homepage
  2. The first thing you’ll see when visiting is the company’s simple yet powerful tagline, “For the words you’re missing.” The tagline clearly conveys what they offer in a memorable way so that it leaves an impression on the reader. A tagline is one of your brand’s best opportunities to make your business stick in the minds of potential customers. Featuring that tagline front and center on your website shows any visitor what your business is about within seconds of them reaching your website.

  3. Introduce your business in a style that matches your brand voice
  4. uses a light, humorous tone balanced with inspiring language to show their copywriting abilities to potential customers. The language on your website is one of the first introductions customers will have with your brand. Make sure it accurately reflects your business and shows your capability, like’s does.

  5. Showcase your past work in a memorable way
  6. The third section on’s homepage showcases the company’s portfolio of work in a special way. They list 26 past clients they’ve learned from, one for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. This design choice shows the creative thinking of while promoting some of their most impressive projects. Displaying your previous work in an out-of-the-box way such as this helps to make it stick in the minds of your potential clients.

  7. Show your process to sell your service
  8. Having a domain name that exactly matches your brand name allows you to use your URL in creative ways. One way does this is by linking a portfolio of their work on an expertly branded subdomain, Right below this section on the main page, they list out their copywriting workflow and process. Giving potential clients a peek into your daily operational flow like this can boost credibility, as it shows you have a plan that can work for them.

  9. Build your website so it guides visitors to the actions you want them to take
  10.’s website flow shows they put careful thought into how customers would experience the page. They choose a single page scroll design, which guides visitors through an introduction of their brand, their services, past work, and their process. Each section builds on the one before it, all leading to a call-to-action section where potential clients can contact via email or connect with them on social media. leads potential customers down the path they want them to follow from the outset, and as a result, have structured their site with the goal of converting visitors into leads.

    When building a website, it’s key to consider the goals you have for your visitors. Then you can build your website to achieve those goals. A “contact us” call to action like this at the end of your informative website can be a simple and easy way to convert more site visitors into potential leads.

As the tips above show, is a great example of a creative .xyz adopter who has built their website so they are set up for business success. They pitch their service in memorable ways while attracting potential leads with a well-planned website design. Use the five design strategies we’ve highlighted above as you build the ultimate website for your own business.

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