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Technological pioneers are using .xyz domains to represent their exploration of AI’s potential and delve into the forefront of innovation across diverse fields. Tech startup is aimed at harnessing AI technology to make it easy to access and leverage web3 data. AI platform aims to help organizations produce effective advertising campaigns. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an innovative AI-powered art project that translates voice recordings into precious gemstone sculptures:

Introducing Voice Gems: Translating voice recordings into gemstone sculptures is the online home of Voice Gems, a generative art project designed to translate a person’s voice into a gemstone-like sculpture. English beatboxer, composer, and new media artist Harry Yeff (also known as Reeps100) worked with musical artist and member of Forbes Vietnam 30 Under 301 Trung Bao to develop Voice Gems. As stated on, “they have collected hundreds of vocal techniques from around the world, which informs their knowledge and deep appreciation of the incredible nuance that Voice Gems capture.” Harry Yeff developed the Voice Gem system over a period of 10 years2 – a “200 000 particle system [that] harnesses the fingerprint-like features found in the human voice to generate digital one of a kind gemstones and physical sculpture.” The physical artwork is created using a 3D printer. As stated on, “The very first Voice Gem was created in 2018 from the laughter between two lovers and was used to replace a traditional diamond engagement ring.” Voice Gems are now being commissioned to commemorate significant life events. Harry and Trung have created Voice Gems from voices artists like American rapper, and have exhibited Voice Gems at events such as Miami Art Basel 20223 and Davos 2022 World Economic Forum.4

1000 Year Voice Gems Archive: collecting Earth’s most unique, remarkable and most vulnerable voices

Trung and Harry are geared at collecting our planet’s “most unique, remarkable and most vulnerable voices” for the 1000 Year Voice Gems Archive. Designed to last for a millennium, this collection aims to preserve individual human voices, as well as AI-generated voices and those of endangered species. The project collaborates with several institutions, including The World Economic Forum and National Geographic, to help ensure the diversity of the voices archived. shares a list of highlighted contributors to the Voice Gems project. In addition to, a diverse range of influential figures have shared their unique voices, including English primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall, Argentine-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone, and Los Angeles-based AR/VR-focused artist Nancy Baker Cahill.

The inspiration behind Voice Gems

In a 2022 interview with Wired magazine, Harry discussed his motivation behind this innovative project. “My whole world is the human voice,” he stated. The feature goes on to explain that he spent the previous five years collecting “the most precious voices on Earth because every day, voices that could be preserved go extinct—whether that be the call of a critically endangered bird or a digital voice note lost in a phone update.” This inspired Harry to develop this technique using AI to preserve “iconic and endangered voices” as art pieces.5

We are inspired by Harry and Trung and their artistic and cultural applications of AI. We are proud to have them in the thriving .xyz community of artists, creators, and multi-talented creatives showcasing their projects on .xyz websites. You can learn more by following the project on Twitter and by visiting


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