The Bluesky social media platform is an exciting social media project built on a decentralized infrastructure called Authenticated Transport (AT for short). Bluesky is aiming to provide a platform that gives social media users complete control over their digital identities through a secure, privacy-centric online ecosystem.1 This initiative dovetails with web3’s ethos of user empowerment and equitable digital infrastructures, endeavoring to decentralize traditional power dynamics embedded in online platforms.

One of Bluesky’s unique features is the ability to use custom domains as social media handles. By leveraging your existing domain name as a digital identifier, this enhancement simplifies the process for others to discover and engage with you.

We’ve built upon this feature to give you the ability to use your profile as your Bluesky handle! For those that aren’t familiar, is an innovative service that simplifies sharing Ethereum Name Service (ENS) profiles and their connected Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collections. It transforms complex Ethereum addresses into easily shareable URLs ending in .xyz, promoting a smoother interaction with digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain that works in any browser. For example, if you own helloxyz.eth, then you automatically have a profile at!

To add your profile as your Bluesky handle, you need to own a .eth name and have an existing Bluesky profile. If you own a .eth name, you automatically have an profile. If you follow the below steps, your profile can be used as your social media handle in Bluesky:

STEP 1: Start adding Custom Domain in Bluesky

  • In Bluesky, navigate to your Settings
  • Under “Advanced” select “Change handle”
  • Select “I have my own domain”
  • Enter your profile (i.e.
  • Copy & save your unique record “Value”

STEP 1: Start adding Custom Domain in BlueskyIf you would like more information on the custom domain process in Bluesky, read our previous blog post: “How to use a custom .xyz or .LOL domain as your Bluesky handle for less than a pack of Skittles.”

STEP 2: Add your Bluesky record to your profile

Be prepared to pay the required gas fees for the transaction to be processed on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Go to the ENS App
  • Log in and navigate to your .eth name & select “Edit profile”
  • Scroll down and select “+ Add more to profile”
  • Add a “Custom” record
    • Key = _atproto.
    • Value = the Bluesky Value saved from Step 1 (did=…)
  • “Save” and pay related gas fees

STEP 2: Add your Bluesky record to your profile

STEP 3: Refresh records on and verify profile in Bluesky

  • Visit your profile (i.e.
  • Select “Refresh Records.” This action initiates the process of propagating the records through the DNS.
  • In Bluesky, ensure your profile has been entered as your domain, and click “Verify DNS Record”

STEP 3:Refresh records on averify profile in Bluesky

The future of domains in digital identity

By linking your profile (and any other custom domain) to Bluesky, you’re partaking in an emerging shift in online representation. Bluesky’s ability to connect domains to user handles exemplifies the continued importance of domain names as calling cards in our digital world. Rather than just serving as website addresses, Bluesky’s approach affirms that domains, like profiles, can be reflective of individual digital identities. This integration illustrates the continuously expanding roles that domain names play in our online interactions and self-presentation.


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