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The .xyz community is home to many skilled professionals using .xyz to highlight their work, passions, and career experiences. Author and researcher Nadia Asparouhova uses to showcase her tech-focused projects. Award-winning journalist and NPR co-host Adrian Ma uses to highlight his career experiences. Postdoc exhibits his work in feminist philosophy and ethics. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a computer engineer who shares his work using his own “” domain: Exploring the frontier of light technology is the online hub of William Matthews, a computer engineer at Avos Technology Ltd., a software company located in Cambridge, England. William completed a PhD at University College, University of Oxford, focusing on Visible Light Communications (VLC), a technology that uses light to transmit data wirelessly over distances in environments where traditional radio frequencies are unsuitable. His research involved utilizing light technology, specifically silicon photomultipliers, to transmit data at high speeds through free space across ultra-wide, unlicensed, unregulated, and currently unused frequency bandwidths. During his doctoral studies, he authored 13 papers, serving as the first author on seven. Doctoral papers, blog posts, and more

Visitors to can download all of his papers, and explore more information about William, his work, and his hobbies, especially the technological topics that engage him. features a blog where William has been posting since 2018 about the technologies he employs in programming, his VLC research, his experiences with machine learning, and a personal pledge from early 2024 outlining planned changes in his life, work, and writing. For example, “Embeddings and SVMs for Text Classification” explores using Jupyter notebooks as a medium for blogging about machine learning projects, particularly focusing on using text embeddings and SVMs to detect toxic text. Jupyter notebooks are open-source web applications that allow users to create and share interactive documents that can contain code, equations, visualizations, and other multimedia resources. Will’s blog post discusses the challenges of content moderation and the potential of embeddings to improve it, detailing the process of training a model with embeddings to classify text efficiently.

The power of a like

Using a domain like can provide advantages for professionals aiming to establish a clear and direct online presence. It acts as a digital business card, creating an immediate link between the domain name and the individual it represents, potentially enhancing recognition and recall among peers, clients, and potential collaborators. Additionally, a personal website like can foster greater control over an individual’s online persona and the flexibility to customize content to reflect personal values, professional achievements, and unique service offerings. Moreover, a domain name that closely aligns with search terms people are likely to use — like “will matthews engineer” — can improve a website’s visibility on search engines. Anyone searching for “will matthews engineer” will find positioned near the top of the search page (as of June 25, 2024). You can learn more about Will by following him on LinkedIn and GitHub, and by visiting

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