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Innovative engineers are using .xyz domains to showcase cutting-edge projects. Bitcoin project harnesses zero-knowledge technology to expand crypto capabilities. Web3 platform seeks to revolutionize creator engagement and digital ownership. Tech startup aims to simplify the conversion of cryptocurrency. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a scientific initiative aimed at advancing verifiable computation: On a mission to transform computing is the online home of Nexus, an initiative focused on advancing verifiable computation, including applications in blockchain, through open science and open-source software. At its core, Nexus aims to revolutionize computing by introducing the Nexus 1.0, a zero-knowledge machine designed to enable highly secure software development. Nexus strives to facilitate the creation of a new verifiable Internet where computations can be mathematically proven by leveraging years of research in zero-knowledge cryptography. Through scaling efforts, including the goal of reaching 1 trillion Hz of verifiable compute power, Nexus aims to unify diverse fields of computer science and harness collective expertise to shape a future Internet grounded in transparency and trust. On June 10, 2024, Nexus secured $25 million in Series A financing co-led by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Pantera Capital, with participation from, Faction Ventures, and Blockchain Builders Fund. This investment brings Nexus’ total funding to $27.2 million, supporting its mission to advance verifiable computation through zero-knowledge cryptography.1

Introducing the Nexus 1.0: Advancing verifiable computation with innovative cryptography

The Nexus 1.0 zero-knowledge machine is designed to help developers generate verifiable proofs for computations, ensuring data integrity and security without revealing sensitive information. It incorporates a novel cryptographic technique aimed at efficient proof aggregation and features a modular design optimized for parallelized computation across clusters of machines. These innovations are geared towards improving scalability and performance in verifiable computation, potentially expanding applications across industries such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, decentralized finance, and others.

Meet Founder and CEO Daniel Marin

Founder and CEO Daniel Marin highlights his career history on, He earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University. He gained valuable experience as a Software Engineer Intern at Google and contributed to research at the Stanford DAWN AI Lab. Daniel is also recognized for his achievements as a two-time International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) Bronze Medallist, 2showcasing his dedication to both academic excellence and practical application in technology and computation.

The power of .xyz: Signaling innovation and modernity

.XYZ serves as an ideal domain choice for Nexus, embodying innovation and modern technology in the digital landscape. As the go-to ending for the next generation of internet users, .xyz signifies forward-thinking and accessibility, aligning perfectly with Nexus’s mission to advance verifiable computation through cutting-edge technology. The .xyz domain reflects Nexus’s commitment to openness and innovation in its scientific and engineering initiatives, making it a fitting digital identity for a pioneering organization shaping the future of secure and transparent digital infrastructure. You can learn more by following Nexus on X/Twitter and by visiting


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