The .xyz community is home to incredible innovators who are pioneering the web3 landscape. Community platform is designed to embrace all web3 creators, including underrepresented groups in web3 like women, LGBTQ+ folks, non-native English speakers, and BIPOC, in hopes of building “the inclusiverse.” Australia-based artist Serwah Attafuah uses to showcase her digital art and NFT creations. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to three more women-led websites harnessing the power of web3.

Cryptopunks-inspired NFT project aims to pave the way for equity in web3

Wunks.xyz1API customer – (United Kingdom) is the online home of Wunks, a community platform centered around a collection of 6,000 women punk style NFTs aimed at paving the way for equity of access in the NFT space. The collection has a tagline of “Women Punks with Purpose” and is inspired by the Cryptopunks, Larva Labs Studios’ original NFTs that debuted in 2017. collectibles feature 8 “Icons” NFTs, which are specifically designed to pay homage to influential women throughout history, including Amelia Earhart, Anne Frank, Billie Eilish, Paris Hilton, and Oprah Winfrey.

CEO Natalie Booth Hereford is also the co-founder of Blam, a platform aimed to help generate, manage, and launch NFT collections. Natalie has aligned these innovative projects with the development of the WUNK Fund. 2% of profits from all mints launched through the Blam platform are contributed to this community fund, which is to be used however the community of Wunks NFT holders vote to spend it. They have also developed the Women In Leadership (WIL) Fund, which encourages creators to submit a proposal for the funding of their NFT collection. These proposals are then voted on by the Wunks Community. You can follow their Call to Action (CTA) and “Join the community” which will lead you to their Discord. (Check out our latest Quarterly Report for more information about the benefits of including a CTA on your website.) You can learn more about the Ethereum blockchain-based NFT collection by following along on Twitter and Instagram, and by visiting

Investment-backed crypto startup works to empower women to actively participate in web3

JoinClutch.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home of Clutch Wallet, Inc, a Los Angeles-based startup aimed at humanizing crypto and empowering more women to enter the web3 space. The company hopes to accomplish this goal by developing a crypto wallet with an all-encompassing user experience to help people explore, integrate, and transact across the web3 ecosystem. CEO Bec Jones, a former Director of Platform for New York City based VC firm Nebula Ventures, found investors through her personal TikTok profile, which has accumulated over 50,000 followers (as of July 23, 2022). Bec’s web3-focused content is designed to help educate more women about investment opportunities in the crypto space. When Bec introduced the launch of, investors already familiar with her content contacted her directly. On July 14, 2022, announced they had raised an $800,000 pre-seed round at a $5 million valuation led by women-focused venture fund Female Innovators Lab.1

As continues to develop, the platform is aimed at expanding their web application, building and launching their mobile application, and onboarding the web3 partnerships they’ve established. They also hope to host more virtual and in-person workshops to increase the adoption rates of crypto. You can learn more by following the platform on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

Web3 platform aims to increase your security in the metaverse

Disco.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home of Disco, a web3 platform designed to foster a secure metaverse experience with enhanced privacy features. As shared on their homepage, compares their services to a personal data backpack that travels with you across web2 and web3. aims to make the metaverse fun, supported by an approach to digital identity that provides individuals with increased control. This approach is known as self-sovereign identity. Initially, is helping users on the Ethereum blockchain with compatible wallets such as MetaMask. As they develop, they aim to work with additional networks like Solana, Bitcoin, and more. In April 2022, completed an early stage funding round received backing by investors including cryptocurrency and blockchain startup-focused Coinbase Ventures.2

CEO and co-founder Evin McMullen previously worked as Head of Entertainment at blockchain software technology company ConsenSys, where she also led the development of Serto, a low-code decentralized identity solution. Evin and her team believe that people should be in charge of the data that describes them, not the developers behind an app. We look forward to seeing the developments of this privacy-focused platform. is still in beta, but you can “say hello” now by creating a profile and signing up for updates. Learn more by following the platform on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and by visiting

We are inspired by forward-thinking, women-led web3 projects like,, and Just as .xyz works to reshape the future of the internet, these .xyz community members aim to reshape the future of web3.


XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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