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The .xyz community is home to unique and disruptive web3 platforms making innovative use of blockchain technology. Brett Harrisson, known for his work in finance and software development, developed, a platform aimed at simplifying crypto trading. Alternative asset platform features a marketplace for buying and selling collectible trading cards, as well as a safe place to store them. Immersive platform blends multiple cutting-edge advancements to develop Metaverse 2.0. In this week’s #BlockchainThursday, we’ll introduce you to a ticketing platform aiming to disrupt the ticketing industry with an emphasis on fairness, efficiency, and accessibility:

Introducing Intersecting live event ticketing with web3 innovation is the online home of XP, a web3-native ticket marketplace that has recently emerged in the live event ticketing industry. Developed by innovation lab Captain Labs, XP utilizes the Solana blockchain, which fosters an innovative approach to ticketing. XP records tickets as on-chain Real World Assets (RWA), providing transparent and equitable access to over 3 million tickets for diverse live events. XP addresses traditional ticketing issues like hidden fees and trust concerns through transparency, direct interactions, enhanced security, community engagement, and various payment options. XP harnesses the Tamperproof protocol, Captain Labs’ winning submission in the Solana Grizzlython hackathon, to enhance ticket transaction security.1

XP’s distinguishing features in live event ticketing

The platform distinguishes itself with a range of unique features designed to enhance the ticket-buying experience. XP claims to offer an expansive selection, including over 3 million tickets for major live events across the United States such as concerts, sports events, theater productions, and more. Using Solana’s blockchain technology, the platform ensures secure and transparent ticket access, aiming to eliminate hidden fees. This blockchain-based innovation also fosters direct connections between ticket buyers and sellers, streamlining transactions, enabling peer-to-peer exchanges, and nurturing a sense of community within the platform. XP also offers payment flexibility, helping users to pay with options such as Circle’s USDC, Coinbase Pay, Ethereum-based USDC through Circle’s CCTP, and major credit cards. Finally, XP aims to simplify user authentication with a one-click onboarding process for digital wallet users, aiming for secure, hassle free transactions with competitive pricing. offers two distinct avenues for ticket transactions. The Exchange helps users securely buy and sell tickets within the XP community, with tickets 100% verified on the public ledger. Transactions on The Exchange are designed to be instantaneous and take place on-chain. The Concierge service caters to users looking for specific tickets not available on The Exchange. XP leverages its broker partners in order to locate and provide users with the tickets they seek, fostering a unique ticket-buying solution.

Insights from Daniela Sterba, Vice President of Marketing

We had the opportunity to speak with Vice President of Marketing Daniela Sterba about the decision to build on .xyz. As she explained,

“XP is committed to being at the forefront of innovation on access to live events. The .xyz domain embodies that vision.”

You can learn more and explore ticket options by following the platform on X (Twitter), joining the Discord, and by visiting


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