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The .xyz community is home to many visual creatives and skilled artists showcasing their accomplishments on .xyz domains. Boston-based multimedia designer, illustrator, and animator Chris Maher displays his projects on Multidisciplinary artist Nina Fraser highlights her assortment of creative work using Contemporary artist Michael Ho uses to share his innovative art. In this week’s #WebsiteWednesday, we’ll introduce you to a skilled creative who displays her generative artwork using a “” domain of her own:

Lisa Orth’s creative journey from grunge artistry to digital innovation is the personal website of Lisa Orth, a creative professional with a varied background in the arts. Her artistic journey began in Seattle, where she initially worked as a graphic designer and art director. In the late 1980s, she worked for renowned cultural institutions such as Sub Pop Records, the Center on Contemporary Art (COCA), and The Rocket, a local music magazine.As Sub Pop’s first official Art Director, Lisa played a pivotal role in shaping the grunge aesthetic of the era by designing Nirvana’s early records and their iconic logo. In 2007, after co-founding a design agency in Seattle and serving as its Creative Director, she pivoted into the field of tattooing, establishing a distinctive linework-based style that earned international recognition and a devoted clientele. In 2020, Lisa shifted her focus to digital art and blockchain technology, particularly in the NFT art space. Her current focus is on creating abstract generative art. Lisa’s code-based creations have garnered attention internationally, with her work showcased in exhibitions such as Art Basel Paris +1 and NFT Show Europe.2

Between Stations, Lisa Orth

Exploring From featured art collections to press coverage and written works

Lisa’s website is user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation for visitors. The homepage features a colorful, easily viewable scrolling display of Lisa’s generative artwork. Hovering over each image reveals the project title, while clicking an image offers more details, including the hosting location. For instance, a piece titled “Between Stations” is hosted on generative art platform You can explore more of Lisa’s featured artwork by selecting the Art menu option, where each project and collection is neatly presented. 

Check out the Press page to find over a dozen published interviews and articles about Lisa. You can find an article titled “The Geometric Abstraction Of Lisa Orth,” dated May 18, 2023, from Unit London, a publication highlighting “artists using ascendant technologies to expand the art audience.” In the interview, Lisa discusses her approach to the intersection of mathematics, generative code, and geometric aesthetics in her art practice. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of these elements, with mathematics providing the foundational structure for her visual systems. Lisa also highlights how experimentation and intuition, rather than rigid preconceptions, guide her dynamic approach to geometry, honed over her 30 years in creative fields. also features a Blog, which includes some written works focused on Lisa’s projects and processes. The entry titled “About Speak to Me” explores the concept of a life force within art and the idea of connecting with creative energy. Lisa reflects on historical perspectives from Surrealists and artists like Hilma af Klint who believed in the spiritual dimension of their work. While not making such claims herself, Lisa suggests that through the act of creating generative artwork, she seeks a connection with something beyond our current understanding of the universe.

Innovation and creativity: and the .xyz domain connection

Lisa’s decision to develop her generative art-focused website on was a strong choice, aligning seamlessly with the innovative spirit and modern technology associated with the .xyz domain. As a creator deeply entrenched in the world of modern, generative artwork and blockchain technology, her choice of domain underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through emerging digital mediums. The .xyz domain reflects the forward-thinking nature of her work and resonates with the global reach and accessibility that her art strives to achieve. In a digital landscape where innovation is key, serves as a fitting virtual canvas for her creations. You can learn more and see more of Lisa’s artwork by checking out her artist profile on, following the artist on X (Twitter) and Instagram, and by exploring


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