As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of .xyz, it continues to be a beacon for innovators and forward-thinkers around the globe. This milestone marks a decade of empowering developers to showcase their innovative and unique projects on a platform that epitomizes modernity and pioneering spirit. Whether it’s through wearable tech devices with advanced AI features, platforms that help transform digital content into web3 assets, or companies striving to revolutionize knowledge management with AI-first approaches, .xyz domains provide a home for those pushing the boundaries of technology. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll explore how three forward-thinking members of the .xyz community utilize AI uniquely, reflecting the endless possibilities that .xyz has facilitated over the last ten years.

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Tech company is pioneering AR/AI innovation with wearable smart glasses

Brilliant.xyzGoDaddy customer – (Singapore) is the online home of Brilliant Labs, a tech company developing open-source gadgets, including wearable augmented reality (AR) devices. Founded in 2019 and part of the #GenXYZ community since its inception, Brilliant Labs fosters a community-driven approach by providing open-source software and encouraging collaboration among enthusiasts and developers. The innovative company aims to encourage individuals and foster creativity by exploring the potential of technology. We’ve previously highlighted the company’s notable funding milestones, including a $50K raise in May 2020 and a $3M seed funding in June 2023. By February 2024, the company’s total funding reached $6M.1

Brilliant Labs initially made waves with Monocle, a compact, wearable open-source device designed to enhance computer vision and augmented reality projects. Monocle, which could be attached to existing eyewear, provided an extended vision capability with features like a 640×400 micro-OLED display, a camera sensor, and a capacitive touch sensor. Its integration with mobile phones via Bluetooth and user-friendly MicroPython programming language helped make it a versatile tool for AR enthusiasts.

Introducing Frame: AI-powered smart glasses

In February 2024, Brilliant Labs launched its latest innovation: Frame, a pair of smart glasses designed to deliver a suite of AI capabilities. Frame continues Brilliant Labs’ tradition of open-source software, making it possible for users to hack, build, and modify the device to their needs. 2Frame offers visual analysis powered by OpenAI, translation capabilities via Whisper, and live web searches through Perplexity. Unlike its predecessor, Monocle, Frame is designed to provide a more mainstream AR experience with a single head-up display over one eye and optional prescription lens inserts. AI functionality for Frame is managed through an external mobile app called Noa, which is aimed to integrate with services from companies like OpenAI. Early adopters can access these features free of charge with daily usage caps, while a paid tier will be introduced later for heavier users. You can learn more about Brilliant Labs and the Monocle by following the company on LinkedIn, X/Twitter, and Instagram, joining the Discord, and by visiting

Digital platform merges AI and blockchain technology for asset management

CaptureApp.xyzCloudflare customer – (Taiwan)  is the online home of Capture, a platform designed to help creators turn their digital content into web3 assets. Utilizing blockchain technology and a decentralized web3 camera app, Capture enhances digital provenance, tracking the history of digital assets. This function is vital for generative art, preserving value, recognizing creators, and maintaining transparency by documenting each asset’s origin, ownership, and authenticity. The platform’s in-app NFT minting feature makes assets traceable and verifiable, fostering trust within the digital media landscape. Capture is powered by Numbers Protocol, a startup from Taiwan that operates an open and decentralized network aimed at verifying the origins of creative works, whether produced by individuals or AI.

New integration with SuperWorld

In March 2024, Capture announced the completion of its technical integration with the SuperWorld app. 3SuperWorld is an augmented reality (AR) virtual world, geographically mapped onto the real world, where users can create and discover AR content. Capture Cam users can now take photos, mint them, and send them to SuperWorld, an augmented reality (AR) virtual world mapped onto the real world where users can create and discover AR content. Each NFT minted through Capture Cam comes with Capture Eye, adding a unique feature visible on SuperWorld’s NFT Marketplace or Map View. Capture aims to continue innovating in the web3 space, enhancing the reliability and transparency of digital content through advanced blockchain technology and strategic partnerships. You can learn more by joining the Discord, following along on X/Twitter @captureapp_xyz and Instagram, and by visiting

Tech company aims to enhance knowledge management with AI

Heyday.xyzGoDaddy customer – (United States) is the online home of Heyday, an innovative company leveraging AI technology to revolutionize knowledge management for professionals. Led by CEO Samiur Rahman, Heyday has developed a browser extension designed to help users remember more of what they learn as they browse the web. The Heyday browser extension offers features such as surfacing content from past research, overlaying articles with relevant tweets and articles, and curating a knowledge base.

In April 2022, Heyday was selected as Product Hunt’s “Product of the Month.” Being selected as “Product of the Month” is an achievement that means the product received considerable attention and positive feedback from the Product Hunt community. This recognition indicates that stands out among others launched within the same month and highlights its popularity, innovation, and potential impact on users. In 2023, Business Insider featured Heyday, 4highlighting its effectiveness in helping users remember and recall digital content. The article described how Heyday scans everything you read on your browser, sorts it into categories, and resurfaces information when needed, effectively aiding memory retention in an increasingly digital world. You can learn more by following the company on LinkedIn and X/Twitter, and by visiting

As XYZ Registry marks its 10th anniversary, the .xyz domain remains a symbol of innovation and forward-thinking globally. Over the past decade, it has empowered developers to present their cutting-edge projects on a platform synonymous with modernity and pioneering spirit. From wearable tech with advanced AI, to platforms turning digital content into web3 assets, and companies redefining knowledge management with AI-first strategies, .xyz domains continue to support those at the forefront of technology. 

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