Over a decade of innovation

Over a decade of innovation

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we reflect on an incredible journey of innovation, growth, and community building. Over the past decade, .xyz has redefined the digital landscape, offering fresh domain name options that empower the next generation of internet users. With over 5 million domains under management, .xyz represents approximately over 1% of all domains in existence, showcasing our significant impact on the internet. We are proud to be one of the top three new generic top-level domain (gTLD) registries, responsible for ~5-7% of all new domains created daily. This journey is a testament to our mission of providing global access to fresh, innovative domain names, embraced by a diverse array of .xyz users spanning tech startups, Fortune 500 companies, creative professionals, educational institutions, small businesses, and community organizations.

Celebrate with special anniversary pricing

As we celebrate over a decade of .xyz innovation, we invite you to join our vibrant community. For a limited time, you can secure your .xyz domain for just $1 for the first year, or lock in a decade of innovation with a 10-year registration for only $100. This is a rare opportunity to join the .xyz community at an unbeatable price. Explore our participating partners and full offer details by visiting Don’t miss out on the chance to celebrate with us!

The incredible .XYZ story

In the days leading up to this momentous celebration, we’ve published 10 press releases, each highlighting a significant chapter of the .xyz story. These chapters provide a comprehensive look at our journey and the milestones we’ve achieved along the way. Each press release covers a span of 1 to 2 years, detailing our growth, innovations, and key moments that have defined our decade-long journey.

For example, our early years saw the launch of the .xyz domain, quickly gaining traction and becoming one of the top three new gTLD registries. As we progressed, we highlighted record-breaking achievements and showcased successful global companies, influential individuals, and pioneering tech startups that have embraced .xyz domains to drive their digital presence.

We’ve enjoyed using our blog to foster the .xyz community and celebrate the accomplishments of global companies, influential individuals, and pioneering tech startups that have embraced .xyz domains to drive their digital presence. These publications include:

  • XYZ Quarterly –  Offering quarterly insights, strategic website development guides, and updates directly from XYZ.
  • Domains Report – Showcasing industry trends and fundraising success stories of tech startups developed on XYZ Registry domains.
  • #AIMonday – This blog series highlights the AI community’s prolific use of .xyz.
  • #WebsiteWednesday – Businesses, organizations, and skilled artists are establishing their online presence on .xyz domains, from well-organized portfolios to inspiring platforms.
  • #BlockchainThursday – Notable projects launching from the .xyz community of web3 pioneers.

#GenXYZ: A vibrant community

At the heart of our success is the vibrant .xyz community we have developed. This community is a testament to the limitless possibilities and forward-thinking spirit that .xyz represents.

Our diverse .xyz community includes:

  • Tech Startups: Innovators creating cutting-edge solutions in various fields, such as GPS technology solution (with $3.5M in funding), and crowdfunded, developer of a multi-feature wearable smart ring called Circular Ring.
  • Venture Capital Firms: Supporting and funding the next wave of technological advancements, such as, with a mind-blowing $2.5B crypto fund!
  • Web3 Pioneers: Embracing decentralized technologies and blockchain solutions. was selected by Bored Ape creator Yuga Labs for its gaming metaverse. Randi Zuckerberg’s is a social marketplace that has raised $5M.
  • AI Innovators: Pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning, like, a startup striving to increase global access to mental healthcare, and, a platform focused on improving AI projects.
  • AR/VR Creators: Developing immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences, like, the augmented reality company behind open-source Frame AI and Monocle AR glasses.
  • Fortune 500 Companies: Industry giants are building on .xyz, such as Square’s parent company, Alphabet (, and Fox Corporation (
  • Influential Individuals: High-profile personalities leveraging .xyz for their personal brands, like prominent DJ and web3 enthusiast Steve Aoki (, Grammy-nominated rapper and hip hop legend Snoop Dogg (,, and Billboard Hot 100-charting rapper Ken Carson (
  • Educational Institutions: Prestigious universities and organizations such as MIT ( and Google’s Chronicle (Chronicle.Security).
  • Global Businesses: Leading companies utilizing .xyz domains to drive their innovative projects and digital presence, including EON ( and Baidu (Apollo.Auto).
  • Creative Professionals: Artists, designers, and developers showcasing their work and portfolios, such as audio-visual artist and designer Cody Samson (, multimedia designer, illustrator, and animator, and commercial artist
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Establishing a digital presence and launching innovative products and services on a global stage, like tech entrepreneur Ryan Junee, who shares his passions on, and British clothing brand
  • Community Organizations: Nonprofits and associations using .xyz to enhance their online presence, such as, a youth-led start-up empowering youth to step up in the face of the climate crisis.
  • Creative Agencies/Studios: These are the creative powerhouses behind stunning campaigns and visual experiences, like the prestigious creative company and production company
  • Typography Websites: Explore the artistry and design precision of typography on sites such as independent font foundry and type design practice
  • …And it just keeps growing

We are proud to showcase some of the amazing things our community has said about .xyz:

  • “The Peeps help brands stand out from the chaos by blending bold ideas with new and shiny creative technology. In the same way, we chose .xyz as it instantly gave us an effortlessly cool online point of difference from others in our space. We love it!” – Richard Norton, Co-founder
  • “I chose .XYZ for my artwork website as for me it was a perfectly logical and easy to remember domain suffix. It also sounds pretty cool.” – Adam Latham,
  • “When you work on web3 products, only XYZ domains count. The first step of a web3 company branding to illustrate the knowledge of the space is to get the right domain. Finally able to get ‘e1’ at a fair price sealed it for us.” – Charles Lee, Co-founder
  • “The decision was based on a combination of factors. One, it resonated with us because of its simplicity, just like the alphabet with ABC and XYZ. Secondly, the .xyz extension perfectly aligns with our product, which operates in the 3D space, where each element has x, y, and z coordinates. And, opting for .xyz provided us with a wider range of options and a clearer namespace.” – Jason Toff, Co-Founder
  • “To us, xyz stands as a subtle rebellion against the status quo. While it’s equally (if not more) memorable than a legacy TLD, it also conjures feelings of mystery, excitement and innovation. Additionally, being at the end of the alphabet it has a similar feeling of finality that you might find in the phrase “qed”.” – Alex Fine, CEO
  • “.xyz is the domain of a new generation and new technologies. It’s where everything interesting is happening. .Com is like your father’s Oldsmobile. When people see .xyz, it’s an immediate clue that you’re doing something cutting edge, not just technically but culturally.” – Chris Heatherly, CEO

Our community spans over 230 countries and territories, embodying our mission to bring choice and innovation to the internet. The #GenXYZ movement continues to inspire and innovate across the globe.

Showcasing innovations and successes

One of the hallmarks of our decade-long journey has been our support for innovative tech startups and major venture capital firms building on .xyz domains. We celebrate the fundraising successes of these groundbreaking ventures and their contributions to the tech landscape. Our domains have become the go-to choice for web3, AR, and AI-focused innovators, solidifying .xyz as a platform for forward-thinking creators. Notable firms like use .xyz domains for their own presence and also fund significant tech-forward projects (many of which are on .xyz domains), showcasing their recognition of the power and versatility of .xyz.

Venture Funded .xyz Companies

Funds and VC Firms on .xyz

Growing with #GenXYZ

The #GenXYZ movement is growing to include all generations of internet users. Whether you’re a blogger, startup, or a big business, .xyz positions you among standout trailblazers of #GenXYZ. Our community is a network of entrepreneurs, artists, educators, and thinkers establishing a unique online identity and driving innovation. Considering a pivot? The adaptability of .xyz domains makes them an excellent long-term strategy for startups and new businesses that may need to be flexible and evolve their focus over time. This diverse community thrives on creativity and collaboration, embodying the spirit of exploration and progress that .xyz represents. From groundbreaking tech startups to renowned global brands, #GenXYZ members are united by a shared vision of a more connected, innovative future. Join us and become part of a dynamic ecosystem that continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible online.

Take advantage of the special anniversary pricing

Act now to join the dynamic .xyz community. For a short time, score your .xyz domain for just $1 for the first year or grab a 10-year registration for only $100. Now is the time to take advantage of this unbeatable celebratory price.

Secure your .xyz domain today and join a global movement shaping the future of the internet.

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