14 More XYZ Registry TLDs now accredited in China!

We are thrilled to announce another step forward in our mission to make XYZ Registry domains available for every website, everywhere! In compliance with international regulations, we have been hard at work to ensure global domain accessibility. Our joint cooperation with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has led to the accreditation of 14 more of our domains!

As we celebrate this progress and approach .xyz’s 10th anniversary, we would like to take a moment to extend our warmest wishes for a Happy Chinese New Year to #GenXYZ and all our partners in China. May this new year bring you prosperity, joy, and success!

Our newly accredited domains in China are:

  • .Quest
  • .Homes
  • .Autos
  • .Motorcycles
  • .Boats
  • .Yachts
  • .Beauty
  • .Hair
  • .Skin
  • .Makeup
  • .Cars
  • .Car
  • .Auto
  • .Tickets

As you may know, .xyz was one of the first new domain extensions to become MIIT-accredited! In 2021, 8 more of our domains joined the ranks of accredited domain extensions: .Rent, .College, .Monster, .Baby, .Security, .Protection, .Storage, and .Theatre. This newest approval of 14 more of our TLDs is not just a milestone but a testament to our dedication to increasing access to domain names, and rest assured, we are not slowing down anytime soon. After all, XYZ now operates 35 total TLDs –!

The significance of MIIT-accreditation

MIIT-accreditation is a key milestone for domain registries operating in China, with major implications:

  • Legal Compliance: Approves that domain services comply with Chinese regulatory standards, crucial for lawful operation.
  • Market Access: Opens up the vast Chinese market, approving accredited domains to be officially marketed and sold within China.
  • Local Hosting: Approves domains to be hosted on local servers in China, improving website performance and reliability for local users.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Approval boosts trust and credibility among Chinese consumers and businesses, signifying compliance with national requirements.
  • Regulatory Adherence: Indicates approved compliance with China’s internet governance policies.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offers a significant edge in one of the world’s largest internet markets by meeting specific Chinese internet standards.

This accreditation is a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality, compliant domain services in the Chinese market.

With these TLDs newly approved to operate in China, we’re opening doors to a world of new possibilities for our customers. Whether you’re in the automotive, beauty, real estate, or any other industry, these domain extensions offer a unique and relevant online identity that resonates with your brand and your audience.

Innovative .xyz websites from China: A showcase of creativity

Discover the innovation and creativity of Chinese entrepreneurs and businesses with these standout .xyz websites. From tech startups to creative portfolios, each site showcases the versatility and global appeal of the .xyz domain. Here’s a glimpse of what’s thriving in China:

Technology and Innovation:

Creative and Design:

  • is a clothing brand
  • promotes decoration design engineering
  • is an animation company
  • is a brand visual design studio
  • is an imaging services provider

Education and Smart Services:

Finance and Investment:

Culture and Tourism:

Industry and Manufacturing:

  • is a coal processing company
  • is a new energy integrated operator

Real Estate and Infrastructure:

These examples highlight the dynamic digital landscape in China and how .xyz domains are being used to craft unique online identities.

Global inspirations: Discover the limitless possibilities of our accredited TLDs

The world is your oyster with our diverse range of newly MIIT-accredited TLDs! From .Auto to .Yachts, these domains are paving the way for innovative and specialized online spaces. Take a look at how these websites from across the globe are leveraging their unique domain extensions to stand out on the internet:

  • Israel: Cybersecurity company Skyhawk.Security takes an AI-driven approach to cloud breach prevention and threat detection.
  • Netherlands: Blockchain-powered ticketing platform Guts.Tickets strives to offer a secure and transparent ticketing experience.
  • Spain: Community platform Data.Monster is designed for sharing infographics, visualizations, and tutorials.
  • Denmark: Web developer Alex Haible chose Alex.Quest for his personal website.
  • Russia: Private home rental platform Elki.Rent features over 60 houses across 10 stunning locations, including the Gulf of Finland coastline.
  • Turkey: Boat brand Northstar.Boats aims to develop and manufacture new Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) for work and recreation.
  • United States: Visual effects company Hush.Beauty connects with clients seeking digital beauty work for commercials, music videos, television series, and feature films.
  • United Kingdom: Permanent makeup studio Antares.Makeup highlights their makeup services.
  • United States: Huntsville, AL-based auto detailer QualityCarCare.Autos showcases their car washing and detailing services.
  • Japan: skincare brand Jevie.Skin promotes their collection of products inspired by nature’s biodiversity.
  • United Kingdom: Wedding stylist BeautifulBridal.Hair showcases services, testimonials, and pricing.
  • United States: Dealership group Watermark.Auto highlights their dealerships in the Southern Illinois/Western Kentucky region.
  • Canada: Baby supply brand Nightingale.Baby offers everyday products designed to provide comfort and security.
  • Portugal: Yacht charter company Madeira.Yachts connects local boat owners with customers who are looking for private charter in and around Madeira Island.
  • United States: Realtor Pearl Norton uses PearlNorton.Homes to highlight her buying and selling services in the northern California area.
  • Germany: Heritage race car seller Wonderful.Car promotes their showroom of vintage race cars.
  • United States: Automobile marketplace Express.Cars highlights their selection of certified used cars available to browse or purchase online.
  • United States: Storage facility builders Storage Units, LLC chose Investor.Storage to develop their online presence.
  • United Kingdom: Guildford’s Electric.Theatre promotes their schedule of classes, events and projects.
  • United States: Motorcycle enthusiast blog How.Motorcycles aims to offer comprehensive info, tips, and expert advice, becoming a hub for riders of all levels.
  • Canada: Christian high school Kingsway.College aims to help develop their students academically, spiritually, physically, and socially.

Innovators can explore these examples to spark your own creativity and envision the potential of your brand or idea – now even more so with our accredited TLDs in China!

To celebrate this exciting achievement, we are partnering with our registrar partners in China to highlight these new TLDs. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses and individuals to secure a domain that perfectly aligns with their brand identity. In the meantime, explore these versatile domain endings and discover your ideal domain today.

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