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Talented creatives, tech-focused organizations, and industry leaders are carving out their digital presence with .xyz and more XYZ Registry domains like .Security, .Audio, and .CEO to showcase AI-infused portfolios that span a diverse array of professional work. Artist and designer uses his .xyz to showcase AI-driven art. Security platform Octane.Security harnesses AI to help developers test smart contracts. Cloud-based platform Bridge.Audio presents AI-enhanced solutions to help you share and organize your music files. In this week’s #AIMonday, we’ll introduce you to an influential futurist who highlights his career using a “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain: MikeJohns.CEO.

Introducing Mike Johns, a maverick of digital innovation

MikeJohns.CEO is the personal website of Mike Johns, a self-described “futurist” at the intersection of technology and pop culture. As the founder of Digital Mind State, established in 2010, Mike anchors brands and talents in the entertainment and tech sectors. Mike serves a clientele of entertainers, athletes, and models, including Fivio Foreign, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson, and Romeo Miller. In 2023, he partnered with his friend Jian Lin to form JirenAI, an innovative bot venture geared towards improving daily operations, connecting with clients, and increasing sales. Committed to diversity and youth empowerment in tech, Mike founded We Are Digital, a nonprofit focusing on STEAM and digital literacy. Operating globally from Los Angeles, Mike actively dedicates his career to merging technology with societal and business innovation.

Exploring MikeJohns.CEO: Diverse clientele, testimonials, and projects

Mike’s clean and straightforward website design facilitates easy navigation through his extensive projects. MikeJohns.CEO showcases his partnerships with major companies such as ESPN, T-Mobile, and Microsoft, emphasizing his expertise in creative marketing and media procurement. It features various sections including client highlights, testimonials, and a photo gallery. Mike’s website uses an AI chatbot to enhance user interaction and offer insights into Mike’s projects and ideas. MikeJohns.CEO also highlights Mike’s various technology-focused brands, including Tech With Soul. This annual festival is held in the fourth quarter in Washington, DC, celebrating global technological innovation with a focus on humanizing technology and culture for the greater good. The event combines BIPOC innovation, venture capital, entrepreneurship, and creativity, drawing industry experts, major brands, technology leaders, and investors. Additionally, Mike spotlights Tech This Out, 1an AI platform geared towards fueling e-commerce growth for the world’s leading brands. The platform’s AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate data from browsing and purchasing history. The data aids in recommending consumer electronic products items that align with style preferences and buying habits.

MikeJohns.CEO showcases many of Mike’s renowned clients, including CES Consumer Technology Association, multinational oil and gas company Shell, and London’s urban community radio station The Beat London 103.6FM. Mike also shares testimonials from notable influencers like co-founder of Apple Stephen Wozniak, who calls Mike a “visionary,” and businessman and investor Daymond John of Shark Tank, who calls Mike a “ trailblazer for the culture.” 

The advantages of a FirstNameLastName.CEO domain like MikeJohns.CEO

A “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain, like MikeJohns.CEO, boosts Mike Johns’ online presence and discoverability, offering an accessible platform without needing logins or memberships. When someone Googles “Mike Johns,” MikeJohns.CEO prominently appears at the top of the search results (as of January 30, 2024). Utilizing a professional website with a domain name that aligns with one’s full name, like .CEO, significantly increases the likelihood of appearing in relevant search results. Additionally, a “FirstNameLastName.CEO” domain can establish a strong personal brand, signaling professionalism and leadership status. This domain choice immediately associates the individual with executive and decision-making roles, enhancing their perceived authority and expertise in their field. It can also be beneficial for networking and career opportunities, as it underscores the individual’s position as a leader or executive. You can learn more by following Mike on LinkedIn and by visiting MikeJohns.CEO.


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