We’re thrilled to mark a significant milestone today – the 9th anniversary of .xyz’s launch! We’re incredibly grateful for the vibrant .xyz community that has evolved alongside us. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable accomplishments and created an online space that embodies the endless possibilities of the digital world.
Celebrating 9 Years of .xyz.
Over the years, .xyz has experienced an extraordinary surge in popularity. This meteoric rise has not only reshaped the digital landscape but has positioned .xyz as a true pioneer and symbol of innovation.

At the heart of our success lies the incredible individuals who make up the .xyz community. Our community is a diverse tapestry of entrepreneurs, artists, developers, and dreamers, all coming together to push the boundaries of what’s possible online. It is through their unwavering dedication and pioneering spirit that .xyz has become synonymous with freedom and versatility on the internet.

XYZ Registry Domains Report, and the rise of “AI”

XYZ Registry Domains Report, and the rise of AI
We’ve been very excited this year to witness the integration of AI-related platforms building homes on .xyz and XYZ Registry domains, like .Game and .Quest. In just six months, “AI” has risen to claim the top spot among .xyz domain name registrations, reflecting the growing influence of artificial intelligence in our digital world. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized industries, transforming the way we live and paving the way for a future that was once only imaginable in science fiction. With .xyz leading the charge, these cutting-edge platforms are reshaping the landscape of home automation, robotics, and AI, empowering users to embrace a world of endless possibilities. Don’t miss our upcoming new weekly series #AIMonday, where we will highlight .xyz websites such as and that offer a wide range of AI technologies aimed at helping businesses and individuals automate processes and gain a competitive edge.

Freshly funded startups using XYZ Domains

At XYZ Registry, we’re excited by the numerous ventures in our dynamic .xyz community securing significant investments. These successes highlight just one facet of our community’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive. .XYZ is home to innovation, attracting visionary minds who disrupt industries. Check out our monthly XYZ Registry Domains Report to learn more about these cool successes. Here are some of the top raises we’ve seen this year:

  • Web3 startup raised $50 million in a Series A round led by Blockchain Capital
  • Berlin-based DeFi startup raised $22.5 million in a financing round led by Pantera Capital
  • Developer Keone Hon’s tech startup raised $19M in seed funding (led by to help grow its smart contract platform and improve the Ethereum space
  • Technology company raised $17M in seed funding to expand operations and its business reach
  • Tech entrepreneur Ben Milne’s DeFi startup has raised $11.1M to invest in research and development while supporting its regulatory efforts in the United States
  • Dispersion Capital ( launched a $40M fund to invest in decentralized infrastructure

9 Years, 25.2 Trillion Queries to .xyz domains

One of the earmarks of growth and usage in a Top Level Domain like .xyz is the amount of visits or “DNS queries” going to all live domains ending in .xyz. A DNS query happens when you type a domain name into your browser, or click on a link, and your browser sends a request to the Domain Name Service (DNS) to lookup the website files, so that it can display the website for you. For example, if you visit,, and, those queries are all counted towards the total DNS queries for the .xyz TLD. Queries are counted when users visit websites, and they are also counted when websites are “visited” programmatically, such as when they are crawled by Google for indexing.

You can track the level of DNS activity on .xyz domain names by examining ICANN’s monthly registry activity reports. Looking at “dns-udp-queries-received,” you can gauge the level of interest and engagement with .xyz domains, which can indicate their popularity. 

From launch in 2014 to date, the .xyz infrastructure has supported more than 25.2 trillion queries. We have seen steady growth from 4.5 billion queries in 2014, to 1.3 trillion queries in 2022 alone! This stat steadily increases year over year, and as .xyz continues to be the #1 new gTLD in registration numbers, the usage of .xyz grows even more exponentially.

.Lat, our 34th domain extension

.LAT, our 34th domain extension
In August 2022, we proudly became the next steward for .Lat, a domain extension that embodies the spirit of LATAM pride. .Lat domains offer an inclusive online space, open for registration by individuals or organizations from any location, such as Manuel Zúñiga’s Consultis.Lat, without restrictions. XYZ is deeply committed to fostering the expansion and advancement of online opportunities, not only in Latin America but also across the globe. We recognize the significance of having an affordable, concise, and versatile domain ending that effectively represents Latinos worldwide. By offering .Lat domains, we aim to empower individuals and businesses, like DataGrowth.Lat, to establish a digital presence that authentically reflects their identity and aspirations.

#BlockchainThursday, a blog series devoted to web3

This past year we introduced our latest initiative, the #BlockchainThursday  blog series, which complements our long-standing #WebsiteWednesday series. As the .xyz blockchain community continues to expand, we aim to shine a spotlight on innovative and forward-thinking individuals within our community. Every Thursday, we feature a member of the .xyz blockchain community, such as and, showcasing their groundbreaking work and contributions to the industry. This new series allows us to celebrate the growth and advancements within the blockchain space while highlighting the incredible individuals who are driving its progress. Be sure to check out our #BlockchainThursday series and join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our web3-focused community members.

The impact our community continues to have on society is inspiring. Through their innovative technologies, influential works of art and entertainment, and ambitious projects with a global reach, the .xyz community is leaving an indelible mark. From leveraging blockchain technology to enhance security and transparency, to harnessing the power of AI for revolutionizing knowledge management, our community exemplifies the limitless potential of human ingenuity and collaboration.

As we embark on a .Quest towards our 10th year, we remain committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. We deeply appreciate the diverse range of end-users who contribute to our community, as it is through the fusion of different perspectives, backgrounds, and talents that we can truly unlock the internet’s potential. Our ongoing dedication to inclusivity drives us to create tools, resources, and initiatives that cater to the unique needs of each .xyz community member. With our sights set firmly on the future, we eagerly anticipate the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Here’s to another year of trailblazing and shaping the digital world with .xyz!

In addition to advancements in AI and blockchain technology, remarkable achievements are taking place on .xyz in various global markets.  Highlighted here are some of the websites we proudly featured this year:

Accomplished individuals

  •, New York Times video journalist, director, producer, and editor Gabriella Lewis.
  •, Tokyo-based contemporary artist Michael Rikio Ming Hee Ho.
  •, Brooklyn-based Pitchfork writer and editor Jackson Howard. 
  •, actor, creator, entertainer Ace Anderson.
  •, Spain-based freelance blockchain developer Jean Ayala.
  • Alex.Quest, personal website of web developer Alex Haible. 

Aspiring small businesses

  •, a catering and event service tailored for remote teams.
  •, a branding and web design business that strives to create engaging and informative experiences for its clients.
  • Revival.Autos, a car dealership that converts classic cars to electric and upgrades the finish.
  •, a portrait and wedding photography service determined to make sure that the couple getting married enjoy their day to the fullest.
  • Ish.Guitars, a guitar shop with a curated collection of guitars, basses, and amps. 
  •, a content writing business that strives to create “exquisitely crafted content” for its clients.
  •, a private gym aimed at training the creative, entrepreneurial, and professional leaders of New York City. 
  • Grip.Security, a security firm aimed at helping companies modernize their security architecture.
  • AIAIAI.Audio, an audio design company aimed at developing premium audio equipment.

Notable market influencers

  •, a decentralized crypto custodian aiming to revolutionize the way crypto is stored, founded by trailblazing entrepreneur Tux Pacific.
  •, a web3 music technology company aiming to change the way music is distributed, founded by Forbes-featured artist and former staff engineer at Google Brandon Tory.
  •, an NFT project from Recur and, following the success of
  •, a $10 million early-stage venture fund aimed at investing in the next generation of music, led by notable investor Cooper Turley.
  •, a premium coffee brand from Grammy-nominated rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg.

Cutting-edge tech Innovators

  •, a browser-based tool for designing 3D spaces with drag-and-drop functionality, editable objects, and coding.
  • Momi.Baby, an innovative brand that promotes their carefully designed baby bottle.
  •, a multi-feature wearable smart ring designed to help improve physical and mental performance. 
  •, a fintech company providing solutions for founders, with a focus on an automated fundraising tool. 
  • Algo.Monster, an education platform that aims to help you prepare for technical interviews. 
  •, an investment management company aimed at creating a suite of products and solutions that can help anyone with a brokerage account to invest in portfolios of private technology companies.
  • Ferve.Tickets, a ticketing platform with solutions aimed to help you grow your audience.
  • Kipp.Storage, a storage unit platform that shares vacant storage spaces for short or long-term rent.

Innovative blockchain pioneers

  •, a no-code NFT platform aimed at creating a more efficient and fair NFT launch process. In February 2022, when the Russo-Ukrainian War broke out, the founders successfully launched the first-ever government-backed NFT collection to raise funds for the war.
  •, a public benefit corporation building a decentralized form of social media, led by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.
  • Immortal.Game, a tech startup introducing the game of chess to web3.
  •, a media platform designed to explore the impact of blockchains, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and the changing evolution of the internet, founded by world-renowned Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest photographer, entrepreneur, and social activist Misan Harriman.
  •, a web3-native publishing platform that helps creators publish blogs and newsletters for virtual communities.  
  •, a smart contract auditing platform aimed at helping to protect users of DeFi platforms.
  • Wolf.Game, a strategic NFT game centered around sheep and wolves.

Visionary AI Leaders and Innovators

  •, an innovative company aimed at leveraging AI technology to revolutionize knowledge management for professionals. 
  •, an AI platform for applications, machine learning, and data science that provides high-performance web3 data.  
  •, an AI blockchain-focused company dedicated to creating a world where the value of AI is directly returned to its contributors, and where AI can be trusted and understood by everyone.
  • ​​, a dashboard builder that is designed to make chart building easier for non-technical team members. 
  • Musicfy.LOL, a music recording platform that helps you enhance and streamline your recording sessions.
  • Kaydo.Tickets, an AI-powered ticket platform that helps you sell tickets under your own brand.

Arts and entertainment tastemakers

  •, an Emmy Award-winning production company founded by film producers Patrick Milling-Smith and Brian Carmody. Some of their most notable work includes producing commercials for brands like Apple, Squarespace, and Smartwater, and directing music videos for artists such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z.
  •, an award-winning creative company founded by creative director Chris Carboni, specializing in animated storytelling. 
  •, a political satirist who showcases his assortment of media appearances, upcoming shows, press clippings, and more.
  •, a gallery platform that presents highly curated generative art on the blockchain for art and design enthusiasts, led by CEO Susannah Maybank and Chairman of the Board Mariam Naficy.

Inspirational changemakers

  •, Brooklyn-based entrepreneur, coach, and educator Matt Gray, who uses his experience and knowledge to help entrepreneurs achieve success.
  •, a Kenya-based company developing a suite of crypto products designed to help increase the number of Africans who can participate in the crypto economy. 
  •, a women and queer-led independent publication aimed at cultivating community through creativity.

XYZ Anti-Abuse

At XYZ Registry, our zero-tolerance stance against abuse is fortified by our Anti-Abuse Technology and partnerships with leading cybersecurity companies like Spamhaus, PhishLabs, and IWF. These partnerships, along with our proprietary tools and user reporting, are crucial in swiftly responding to and mitigating abuse within our zones, ensuring the ongoing safety of the XYZ namespace. By collaborating with cybersecurity partners, we access specialized expertise and resources to effectively detect and address malicious activities.

User reporting serves as a vital source of real-time information, enabling us to promptly investigate and take action against abuse. Together with our partnerships, user reports help aid in detection to swiftly combat phishing, spam, malware, and other violations of our strict Anti-Abuse policies. This collaborative approach strengthens our ability to uphold the integrity of the XYZ namespace and create a safer online environment. 

At XYZ Registry, we prioritize proactive monitoring and rapid response to address abuse, working alongside our partners and users to swiftly mitigate threats and maintain the safety and trustworthiness of our zones.

XYZ provides domains for coders at 262 hackathons around the world, marking a 100%+ increase from last year

In the past year, XYZ has been honored to provide support to 262 hackathons worldwide (more than double the amount as last year!), offering a platform for passionate coders to showcase their innovative ideas online. Through collaborations and unique partnerships, like‘s hackathon management platform TAIKAI, we have actively worked towards inspiring the next generation to pursue leadership roles in the field of STEM. These partnerships exemplify our commitment to empowering generations of internet users, enabling them to transform their dreams into tangible realities. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our global community for their unwavering support, as we celebrate our 9-year milestone. None of our achievements would have been possible without you, and we eagerly anticipate many more remarkable accomplishments as we continue this incredible journey together.

As we commemorate our 9th anniversary, we embrace our journey in the ever-evolving digital landscape, offering a truly generic domain for all to build upon. From blockchain to AR/VR, 3D, AI, and machine learning, cutting-edge platforms are building on .xyz domains and reshaping our lives. With excitement for the future, we eagerly anticipate the innovations that await us.

For more from XYZ’s CEO, be sure to check out Daniel’s blog post at

XYZ is proud to share about the many incredible members that make up the XYZ community! We encourage you to do your own research before using the products and services of the websites we feature. The information about products and services contained in this blog post does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by XYZ.

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